Could I use Acronis with a Maxtor One Touch II?

  brigger 23:38 26 Feb 2005

Buying the Maxtor was a mistake as I need a disk image. If I try it with Acronis and it doesn't work, I can't return the Maxtor One Touch. I'm guessing Acronis Drive Image 8.0 should work with it, if I don't install the Maxtor CD, does that sound likely?

I've just spent an hour going round in circles on click here

Thanks if anyone can help.

  Modo 08:14 27 Feb 2005

The One Touch gives you a Drive Image - but if the configuration is the same as my 12 month old one then it will only let you link to one PC.

The Retrospect software is very confusing in the very truncated version that comes with the Maxtor. I've posted in detail on this before but the essence - the answer is that the software is very easy to use as long as you look straight ahead and look for the one touch controls only!!!

Also i think you'll find you can download MaxBlaster3 from which will probably do the job you want for free - if it is multiple computers you want an image of.

For more info on drive image software search this site, several informed threads exist that fairly lay out the virtues of all the options. Suffice to say not all work all the time - or at all when you finally really need to use the image!!!

  freaky 19:27 27 Feb 2005

I have a Maxtor One Touch and it works fine with Acronis True Image. I did use Norton Ghost with the Maxtor but found Acronis much better.

You can use Acronis to either create back-up images, or clone your hard drive to the Maxtor.

The CD that comes with the Maxtor includes a shortened version of Dantz Retrospect. I would advise you not to install this program, Modo points out the reasons in his post above.

I would recommend that you use USB2 for the Maxtor, it would be very slow using USB1.

  anchor 16:05 28 Feb 2005

I have a similar Maxtor external Firewire/USB hard drive. I have successfully created an image on it with Acronis 8.

  SEASHANTY 16:41 28 Feb 2005

Acronis True Image v8 £16-97 at Amazon UK
click here It doesn't state XP
on the website page but I purchased a copy from Amazon a couple of months ago (at £28). The box is the same as the one illustrated and the box lists all Windows O.S. including XP.

  Modo 17:09 28 Feb 2005

Don't under estimate the Dantz Retospect software.

Yes One Touch is daunting. It looks like it could fly a plane but the truth is you only need one control --- the one touch button and it works.

& If you take the run tab after launching the program it offers Maxtor One Touch as the single option. This runs absolutely fine even if you have disabled it at start up through msconfig.

It is excellent at incremental back ups.

But try and get clever and in my experience you will get nowhere! But then again the Windows XP back up does a decent job if you want to start selecting folders etc.

  brigger 13:55 01 Mar 2005

- at least I don't think so. I don't create masses of data, sometimes scripts which I can save on floppies. I'm trying to copy the state of my PC now that it's stable (it had a memory problem).

I expect One Touch & Retrospect are good for backing up data, I've seen some good reviews and I've no reason to disagree. However step 2 of the 'restore' instructions is 'install your operating system'. I prefer to restore from disk images. Also, if there's ever a problem after restoring from an image, it's clearer that there's a hardware problem, and I don't have to suspect I've made some error in reinstalling.

If I'm wrong about any of this please say so.

  SEASHANTY 15:20 01 Mar 2005

A review of Maxtor One Touch backup
click here
Notes on using Acronis TI for complete boot drive backup
click here

  brigger 01:04 02 Mar 2005

I've read Seashanty's links, I'm ordering Acronis and keeping the Maxtor drive. Thanks Modo, Freaky, Anchor and Seashanty.

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