Could the HDD be causing it?

  Corthonyax 17:52 08 Jun 2015

Okay, so... A few days ago I got myself a new HDD, Seagate ST1000DM003, as my previous one died. All was fine and well, until I noticed a loud whirring sound, fan-like, could even be classified as a car engine sound. Sometimes even going faster and louder and then slow down an get quieter for a bit. It's mostly present while playing a game. So my question is... can it be the HDD? And is it perfectly normal? All the temperatures are always within their normal range.

  mole1944 18:19 08 Jun 2015

By new do you mean brand new or do you mean second hand.If its new try it in another machine if possible,if it's second hand you could have bought a pup.

  Corthonyax 18:54 08 Jun 2015

The old one was still within its warranty so I simply brought it to the place where I bought it, waited a couple of days and got a new one.

  Corthonyax 19:05 08 Jun 2015

So basically, yes ( forgot to say this.... it happens... )

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