Costs involved obtaining broadband

  Border View 23:27 06 Apr 2004

Please forgive me if this is a daft question, but - looks like broadband is moving nearer to my home. I've looked at the BT web site and you can get the basic package for £19.99 a month (I'm not into downloading videos or music so think that this will suit). However as with dial up will I have to have a separate ISP (am currently with Lineone) and be charged by them as well, or do I go with BT and will the ISP cost be included in the £19.99 a month.

Looking forward to your advice.

  VoG II 23:32 06 Apr 2004

You would need to cancel Lineone and sign-up to BT. This will mean that your e-mail address will change but you should still have access to your old e-mails.

Go for it - a different world!

  woodchip 23:36 06 Apr 2004
  Border View 23:36 06 Apr 2004

Many thanks for responding. I have been waiting ages for broadband to come to our area. Strange thing is I haven't moved house and for ages was told I was too far away from the exchange. Now is seems I am within range. Has BT been upgrading their equipment at the exchanges?

  Border View 23:40 06 Apr 2004

Thanks for that information. Wondered if there would be any additional charges from BT as there is now. On Dial Up I pay Lineone/Tiscali a set monthly fee and BT charge me as well for Surtime

  VoG II 23:44 06 Apr 2004

Well BT have been under pressure to get their act together.

When the Blueyonder technician installed my Blueyonder (cable) connection I could not believe the speed. Go for it!

  VoG II 23:46 06 Apr 2004

It should be a flat rate fee, double-check before signing-up.

  Border View 23:50 06 Apr 2004

Thanks fellas

  LastChip 23:55 06 Apr 2004

This BT offer has restrictions, among which you are limited to 1GBt of data per month, no home LAN's and some other minor details. 1 Gig sounds a lot, but once you start adding up your "surfing" it soon gets eaten up. This page for example is about 30 KBt of data, and if you visit sites with heavy graphics content, watch that total soar.

The deal is not market leading and you may well find it advantageous to do some research to find an "unrestricted" provider for similar money.

BT will always provide the basic ADSL service, but each provider buys that service from BT at wholesale rates and then packages their own deals.

By all means go for ADSL, as it is streets ahead of normal speeds. I'm sure you wont regret it!

  Border View 15:55 07 Apr 2004

Got all excited, BT web site said my postcode and telephone number would take Broadband. Did a Broadband Checker check and it said I could.

So telephone Tiscali to register for their £24.99 package, only to be told my telephone number tested negative.

Went into Freeserve Web site and did a number check and it said I didnt have a registered BT line. Think this must be something to do with the fact I'm ex-directory. So keyed in my next door neighbours number only to be told that that number was already a registered broadband user with them.

Went back to Tiscali and asked if my number had come up negative because I was ex-directory. No they said, I lived too far away from the exchange.

What I cant understand is, how come BT says I'm OK for broadband.

Stuck. Looks like I'm with dial-up for a bit longer. Oh well.

  IZZY 16:24 07 Apr 2004


I don't know why some people are messing around with some of these so-called broadband offers when you can get 288/576 AOL BB for £19.99 p.month, with free modem, set-up connection etc., etc.

Provided you've a BT line connection, there's no problem with it at all and you also have free telephone support if and when you have any problems. Admittedly, AOL insinuates itself in the PC but, believe me, I've been with AOL since way back and have had very few problems. I'm using v8 at the moment and waiting for the CD for v9.

They really have got their act together now and with the resources behind them they are by far the best ISP in the business.

I can't recommend strongly enough that if you really want a good Internet BB connection you ought to look carefully at AOL's offer.



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