Cost to repair jack plug

  User-A964BECF-28AC-450B-8707F7EBA2A7EF6F 00:18 26 Nov 2009

Hi, the jack plug where i plug my charger lead in in the back of my laptop is totally buggered, it doesnt charge propperly and i have to fiddle around with the wire to 1 in 10 chance of actually getting it to work.

If i take it to a shop to get it repaired as its not covered under warranty, does anyone know how much it would rougly cost to get repaired?

need to know whether it worth repairing the laptop or buying a new one as this one is a piece of crap and is ALWAYS breaking lol

  Graham. 00:39 26 Nov 2009

Ask Lol if you can have a new laptop, maybe with a spellchecker.

  User-1229748 01:16 26 Nov 2009

there was an identical thread running a couple of days ago where i think anything between £80 to £150 was the figures.

  User-1229748 05:19 26 Nov 2009

the other thread,these are forever breaking on lappys :o( click here

  reply4reply 10:07 26 Nov 2009

hi, yes most shops will be able to replace it
I own two computer shops
the one in East London we charge £55 for that
the one in Greenwich we charge £85 for the
same thing, it varies from area to area, so i think
if you are in a poor area its cheaper, it doesn't need a professional or anything to do it, most so called engineers can do it, we buy the socket from
ebay for £5 so if the workshop wants to charge you a lot just for the part say you can buy the part yourself from ebay for £5. so I say never pay more than £90 for a dc socket replacement "not repair"

  woodchip 10:10 26 Nov 2009

As above you mean the Jack Socket, the plug is the bit that fits in it. Will not be cheap as the Laptop as to be striped down and thats what costs, unless it need a new motherboard. that will push the cost up even further

  DieSse 11:23 26 Nov 2009

Often the wire breaks where it connects to the plug itself (on the lead, not in the laptop. They break because they get a lot of flexing.

If it's that it should be cheap to fix, as a new plug can be soldered onto the lead very easily.

Also if it's that, it can be a fire hazrd, as a shortted cable can lead to the whole lead/transformer-power supply overheating.

You need to try and find out which is actually faulty - the lead/plug or the socket in the laptop.

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