Cost of printing for a colour laser

  Mr. Chips 12:06 24 Oct 2008

I have a Samsung CLP-300N colour laser printer.

I have been asked to print off a load of doubled sided pages, with average text and a small amount of red.

Any idea what would be a charge that wouldn't see me out of pocket?

Any advice will be thankfully received.

  AlanHo 18:01 24 Oct 2008

Assuming you pay roughly £30 for each colour cartridge with 1000 page 5% cover and the same for black with 2000 page cover - if it were me I would charge 6p per page - hence double sided would be 12p per sheet of paper. This would cover the cost of just the toner and 80 gm paper - wear and tear, electricity and your time are other factors to take into account.

Why not ask your local Staples print shop what they would charge as a guide.

  jonmac 12:59 14 Jan 2010

On the subject of costs here is the result of my own research this morning.
I have always used Epson printers over the past 10 years for photos only and recorded the size of each in a database. At current Epson prices for my latest printer, the Stylus Photo PX 650 the ink cost of an A4 print would be £1.78 or just under 9p for a standard 5% coverage sheet of text with a bit of colour here and there.
Analysing costs for a "Recommended" (in another mag but they're all sold out meantime) Lexmark c540n Colour Laser, gives 12p for a standard 5% coverage page and £2.48 for the A4 100% coverage page. That's using Lexmark refilled high-yeild toner cartridges lasting 2500 pages (black - £55) and 2000 pages (colour 3x£68). Black and white alone would be 2 pence per sheet compared to my trusty 8 years old, 12,500 pages HP Laserjet laser printer at 1.4 pence per sheet using original high yeild toner cartridge from HP.
Obviously with cheaper inkjet cartidges the comparison would change but I sometimes sell photgos so original inks are safer from the fading point of view.

  Sea Urchin 13:26 14 Jan 2010

This thread was marked as resolved 15 months ago :@)

  jonmac 08:21 16 Jan 2010

Sea Urchin - Yes, but these threads are found in searches, as I did this one, so I reckoned it would do no harm to add to the info for others use. (:-)

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