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  norming 21:23 25 Mar 2004

I frequently see advertisements for companies who will give you much cheaper phone calls than BT.
I have a BT line and subscribe to Freeserve Home Time (off peak) service. When I get my phone bill I can hardly believe it. Service charges are £65+, calls cost £6.69+. You can therefore see that a reduction in the cost of calls means nothing, but I have to stick with BT SurfTime to be able to use Freeserve. Even then I spend relatively little time on line - apart perhaps from the constant worrying from Microsoft for me to download even more updates.
Is my experience normal or am I unaware of far better deals out there? Cheaper calls are offered yes, but can you also get a net connection?

  Indigo 1 21:32 25 Mar 2004

It will cost you about 10 pound a month for a BT line (I think) which should then give you access to the phone and the internet. Broad band prices are from £14.99 for low speed 128K and I pay £19 for 512K. My phone calls are less than £10 per month so I feel I am getting a good service for that.

Are you sure you are only paying for line rental and not other services such as Call Minder, do you have your own phone or is it rented too ?

  Gongoozler 21:46 25 Mar 2004

The cheap telephone offers are generally for national and international calls and so are not necessarily such a spectacular deal as they at first appear. You need to look at your own situation.

I was on Freeserve Anytime which gave me unlimited Dial-Up access for £14.99 a month. I found that very good for my situation. I took early retirement and so most of my surfing is in the daytime. The only problem I found with Anytime was that I was constantly tying up the telephone line. I am now using Tiscali 150k broadband at £15.99 a month, which for me is much better as it doesn't clash with telephone use. I find the Tiscali service very reliable, but some people have had problems with it.

My basic BT service charges are £24.25 a month, so you must be paying the extra for other services (such as BT SurfTime). You need to check that you aren't paying twice for the priviledge of "free" evening surfing.

  Gongoozler 21:48 25 Mar 2004

Sorry about the error in my last posting. My basic BT service charges are £24.25 a QUARTER, £8 a month + vat.

  Gongoozler 10:19 26 Mar 2004

By email from norming.

Thank you but I don't 'surf'. I simply send e-mails so do not spend much time on net - 200 minutes a week according to my bill. Therefore broadband is of little interest to me.


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If you only spend 200 minutes a week in the evenings, then dial-up at 1p a minute should only cost you £2 a week, or about £10 a month, in which case it isn't cost effective to pay for BT SurfTime. If, however your 200 minutes a week is in the daytime, that works out at about 4 times as much and you would save money by using almost any broadband package.

  GroupFC 10:50 26 Mar 2004


  norming 20:14 26 Mar 2004

But which ISP do I go to which doesn't demand that I register with 'surftime'? Don't they all?

  kimjhon 21:58 26 Mar 2004

I think you have it the wrong way round.

BT make you use their own ISP, or certain ISPs that have arranged to work with BT, before you can enrol for Surftime.

So what you need to pay for is simply the rent of a telephone line.( you could even ask if they still have the scheme where you pay even less for the rent of the line if you dont make many calls.

Then you need to find a free ISP( if they still exist ??? ).

You will have plenty of time to find one because you are prob tied into a contract with BT for at least a few months.

  stalion 15:11 27 Mar 2004


  [email protected] 17:36 27 Mar 2004 are still a Pay-As-You-Go ISP

  Gongoozler 18:13 27 Mar 2004

And Freeserve No Ties click here

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