The Cost of Email

  Sir Radfordin 12:59 10 Feb 2004

If the average user sends 20 messages a day (which apparently is the case) then a saving of only 30 seconds a message would result in an average saving of 50 minutes in the working week – or 43 hours over a year. Even if you drop it down to 10 messages with a saving of 10 seconds it is about 7 hours a £15ph with 300 employees that is a cost of £32,500 (well it is on my maths anyway!)

Just think if you droped the

Dear XXXX or Hi how are you

and the

lots of love from the boss, his cat and the next door neighbour

from all your emails how much more efficient the process would be.

Have I lost the plot or is the maths really right?

Anyone care to comment on this?

  hinchie Y2K III 13:01 10 Feb 2004

the maths is right and i think you are losing the plot!! :-)
It is amazing though how much it costs isn't it?

  Sir Radfordin 13:02 10 Feb 2004

..that £32,500 saving would be enough to employ another person at £15ph (again if my maths is right)

hinchie Y2K III - don't worry, I'm in the process of writing 10,000 words on the subject by the time I've finished the plot won't even be a concept I remember ever having.

  hinchie Y2K III 13:05 10 Feb 2004

The concept would fly out of my head after 5,000!!!

  DieSse 13:47 10 Feb 2004

"Have I lost the plot"

You've lost the plot - in my book politeness and good grammar work better for you in the long run.

  Sir Radfordin 14:06 10 Feb 2004

Good grammar I would agree on (though wouldn't go as far as whoever wrote Eats Shoots and Leaves goes!)

However politeness - is a lack of salutation and final greeting actually needed? Is it not just a formality that people who primairly grew up with written communication have continued to loose. They aren't used in Telegrams (cost no doubt the reason) but should the same not be true here?

(Anyone reading this thread please note the points I raise are mearly questions for discussion and may not always be my firm beliefs and are in no way intended to cause offence)

  Chegs ® 14:12 10 Feb 2004

I am a frequent pc user,but I'm lucky if I send ten mails a year,so savings could not be made with my email usage. ;-)

The mails I do send are to my mother,if I didn't use correct salutations,I'm likely to get an email containing a "virtual ear clip" ;-)

  DieSse 14:28 10 Feb 2004

Salutations and greetings are just as much part of the message as the message itself. All communications convey impressions as well as facts - and impressions count for a lot.

For instance an instruction to someone to do something may be acted upon in different ways - some more, some less, efficient - depending on the overall impression or the message as well as the instruction!

IMHO ;-))

  DieSse 14:29 10 Feb 2004

I guess in general terms what I'm trying to say is that "efficiency" is not the same as "effectiveness".

  Wak 14:40 10 Feb 2004

And how much money has just been used (I didn't say "wasted") by the current 131,262 Forums members spending 5 minutes reading all the foregoing???
There's a thought!

  SirGalahad2004 14:43 10 Feb 2004

i don't email . can't type :-)

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