Cost of building your own pc

  WtheM 14:05 17 Feb 2007

I'm soon to buy a new desktop, costing around the £400 to £500 area. A friend has mentioned building my own. My question is, with packages being so cheap, is it worth it at this price range?

  Kate B 14:29 17 Feb 2007

Infinitely more satisfying, but probably not cheaper.

  WtheM 14:35 17 Feb 2007

Well, looking at the cost of parts, that's the conclusion i came to!

  Totally-braindead 15:23 17 Feb 2007

Its not cheaper if you need to buy all the bits but if you are butchering your old PC and can use a lot of the bits off it you can end up being slightly cheaper.
Its such a cutthroat business now that the prices are so low for a complete system that if you have to buy all the parts individually you can easily be a couple of hundred quid dearer.
I do enjoy building PCs and if you fancy trying it why not try going half way. Get a barebones unit such as Novatech sells, add a hard drive, graphics card and CDROM and you're there. A new PC. Use your old bits if you can and even your monitor keyboard and mouse all savings.
You'll have to price it up yourself though to see if the difference is worth it.

  SLAYER 15:34 17 Feb 2007

A great deal of satisfaction is to be had building a pc to your own specs.As for being cheaper,I very much doubt it nowadays.

  WtheM 15:37 17 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. Im afraid i gave my old desktop to the old fellah (father) so i need the whole lot! Ive been looking at a compaq 2109, for about £430 from currys, and to build one at a saving would be pretty difficult!

  SANTOS7 15:46 17 Feb 2007

click here
not so hard and cheaper than you think..

  Totally-braindead 15:50 17 Feb 2007

WtheM You don't mention what you use it for.
If its games its essential that the PC has a PCI Express slot. If not then you are stuck with the onboard graphics and cannot upgrade it. Also some of the branded PCs come with quite low power supplies which isn't a problem until you try to put a high end graphics card in them and find that the power is inadequate.
If you want a reasonable all round machine that will hopefully do you for a while and can do games then have a look at some of the Novatech PCs and if its games you are interested in go for one of the ones which come with a GeForce 7600GT graphics card already installed. Such as click here £533.45 with Vista Home Premium though that is a price without the monitor. If too expensive this one click here £357.20 add a 7600GT at £78.72 click here total £435.92 but again you need a monitor, they can start at just over £100 click here
Something to think about.

  Totally-braindead 15:54 17 Feb 2007

Cracking link SANTOS7 I might try building one of them tommorrow though I've to nip out and buy a carrot.

Damn the parts list is incomplete. I can't even try it as I haven't got a rabbit. Guess I'll just give it a miss.

  spuds 16:08 17 Feb 2007

You could consider starting to build your own computer this way click here

  SLAYER 16:26 17 Feb 2007


Swap the rabbit for a kitten,the carrot for a ball of string and you've got a machine to play games on/with.

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