Corrupted IE8

  Cluelessone 23:12 23 Aug 2010

Ladies and Gents, your help please:

XP Sp3

Got my IE8 corrupted leaving very limitted functionality on the menu bar.

Tried uninstalling it to revert to IE7 but 3/4 the way through I get the message:

"Setup cannot copy the file hmmapi.dll.mui
Ensure the location specified below is correct or change it and insert Windows NT service pack uninstall directory in the drive you specify"

Also tried a fresh install of IE8 and a system restore with no joy.

The MS knowledgebase articles are non specific to this error.

Looking at Google, It has happened many times before, but no listed fix found.

Help please?!!!

  northumbria61 23:16 23 Aug 2010

How to uninstall I.E.8 - scroll down to XP removal
click here

  Cluelessone 23:23 23 Aug 2010

Response to northumbria61

Thanks but tried it with same result as described

  northumbria61 07:17 24 Aug 2010

Try this - make sure you view instructions for XP -
click here

  northumbria61 07:47 24 Aug 2010

You need to click on the top one in the list "How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 8"

  northumbria61 07:49 24 Aug 2010

Sorry - have given you the same thing twice - must be too early in the morning.

  birdface 07:54 24 Aug 2010

Have you tried right clicking the toolbar and making sure everything was ticked that is supposed to be ticked.

  northumbria61 08:04 24 Aug 2010

I see you have Service Pack 3 installed. Did you install I.E.8 BEFORE you installed
Service Pack 3 ? This could be your problem. This is from Microsoft "Help & Support"

"You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer 8 if it is set as not removable. This occurs if you install Internet Explorer 8 before you install Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows XP. If this scenario applies to you, then you must uninstall SP3 before you can uninstall Internet Explorer 8.

This also applies to I.E.7

  Muergo 08:24 24 Aug 2010

Since it was launched I have had trouble with IE8, keeps closing and saying sorrythere is a fault.

Done all the fixes,and now only use IE when forced to, otherwise it's Firefox all the time for me including access to IE screens through Firefox.

The most recent glitch was when I wanted to review my MS patches history, couldn't get IE to load it, Firefox opened Win update in seconds.

WHEN I finally get around to putting W7 in my PC, I will be free of it for ever.

My big hang up with W7 is that I cannot get a driver for my Canon scanner, Canoscan D2400U, even Drivermax can't find one.

It is a hardly used but expensive scanner that will scan large colour transparencies, the only ones, apart from professional priced, available only go as far as 35mm.

Unless , of course, you know better? I will be eternally grateful if someone could find one.

  birdface 08:30 24 Aug 2010

Have you tried Tools.Internet Options.Advanced and pressed reset.
That resets Internet Explorer to its original state.
You have to enable some of your add-ons after you do it.

  Cluelessone 09:01 24 Aug 2010

Right clicking the toolbar does nothing, there is very little functioning on it! Tools is not displayed.

I went to Internet Options in control panel but clicking on it does absolutely nothing!

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