Corrupted file(s) in WinMe?

  TOPCAT® 23:52 30 Jul 2003

When I run a Search for Files and Folders in WinMe only the 'Search Results' window's header bar appears. I can click on its 'Maximise' button and it opens fully, minimise it to the taskbar but cannot get it to open normally.

Now, sometimes my PC fails to shutdown normally too. I have all WinMe/IE6 updates installed.

I've run Scandisk in both modes several times now but it fails to pick up any errors.

Does anyone know under what filename this search 'tool' is located so I can hopefully replace it from the CD?

I've disabled System Restore as my restore points did not rectify the problem and any corruption would only be carried forward to the next restore point.

Thanks in advance for any help offered. TC.

  VoG II 23:59 30 Jul 2003

Go into the BIOS and select CDROM as the first boot device.

Put W ME disk in the drive, reboot, and follow the prompts to install Windows over itself.

This should leave your data intact but backup first!

  TOPCAT® 00:12 31 Jul 2003

I'll have a go in the morning and post back how I got on. Sleep well!! TC.

  crx1600 00:19 31 Jul 2003

when you open it, have you tried clicking on, View\explorer Bar\search.(or ctrl+E)

as that opens and closes the search 'pane', the same as you can show folders or favourites.

  TOPCAT® 12:16 31 Jul 2003

or Re-size to be precise! After jumping in at the deep end and trying all I knew to resolve this, it turns out to be a simple cure. Right clicking on the header gives a Re-size option, and sure enough I could drag and open the window.

First time I've ever used this option - always dragged and sized the windows from the edges. It is a mystery how this problem window 'collapsed' to a header bar in the first place. Could be related to my occasional shutdown problem, so I will do a 'clean boot' to check if I have a software problem.

This is an object lesson in adopting a calm and logical approach to problems and not to assume the worst at the start as I did. I hang my head in shame to the wise heads in this forum!! :o)

Thanks for your help and understanding (I hope!) TC.

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