Corrupted Files & Chkdsk Errors.

  User-064D8D8D-326C-46F0-A5916820C563BECF 17:18 29 Mar 2009

I have 2 hard drives on my desktop. C has all of my programs, the OS, anything that runs, etc.

The D drive is where all of my work output files, general storage such as images, unused fonts, original copies of downloaded zipped files etc. Basically everything that is not a component of a currently working .exe or program file is on the D drive. My thinking was that I could always reinstall a program or format with a new OS, but my output or work is what I would not be able to replace. Thus I frequently backed up the D drive to a portable HD.

Over the past 6 months, while working in one program, I would get a message popup in my tray that would tell me that some unrelated file on drive D was corrupt and unreadable. Sure enough, when I would check later, I could not open that file or folder. I had one folder that stored 1000's of clip art cartoons, etc. I got a message that the entire folder was not readable and sure enough I could not open the files.

Every time I would reboot the computer would perform a check disc on drive D and would give me a message for a great many file segment numbers: "Truncating badly linked attribute records from file record segment ####" (where ####= some 4 or 5 digit number). Fearful that my D drive with all my output on it was destroying itself byte by byte or getting ready to crash and burn, I took my computer to a trusted shop and had the D drive swapped. At my request they tracked any files that they were unable to move to the new drive. There were 7 pages of files listed on the printout as being "corrupted and unreadable." Yet when I opened my new D drive to see what I had lost, most of these "corrupt and unreadable" files were present and seemed to work fine. Some folders and files such as the cartoons and some downloaded zip files were gone, but most was OK.

All seems to be working well now except that every time I reboot, the computer runs a chkdsk again for the D drive and gives me the "Truncating badly linked attribute records....." message again for sometimes a large number of files. The result finds "0" bad sectors. I thought that maybe this had something to do with the HD swap and tried to run defrag on the new D drive with two different defrag programs, but both told me they had run into an unexpected error and closed down.

Does anybody have any ideas about what is going on here? I am totally lost at this point.

  brundle 17:35 29 Mar 2009

Amazes me that people always run Defrag on drives that appear to be failing - good way to make files harder to recover. Find out drive manufacturer with this; click here

Go to the manufacturer's website and download disk diagnostics to check the drive;

click here
click here

  DieSse 17:50 29 Mar 2009

Try changing the drive cable(s).

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