corrupted display looks like postmarks

  nulmanyH 16:55 04 Apr 2009

The Viewsonic monitor is working fine but when areas of the screen are not being used gradually a series of pink or turquoise dots appear (depending on the background colour) that develop into 4 wiggly lines approx 2cm x 1cm. They arrange themselves into approx chequerboard across the screen and have the appearance like a traditional wavy-lined postmark. This has happened over the last few days. Is it a virus? I have Zone Alarm it is updated and I have done a routine scan an no porbs found. Done a registry cleaner. Using NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS (updated driver, no change), Evesham PC 2 yr old, WindowsXP. What do I do to remove them? Can send a screen print of the display if it will help. Help me please!! Thanks.

  DieSse 17:30 04 Apr 2009

Probably faulty memory on the graphics card. Or possibly, if there's a fan on the graphics card it's failed or running slow.

  nulmanyH 10:46 05 Apr 2009

So what can I do about it? Do I have to change the graphics card or can the memory be changed / fan changed? I have changed the RAM on a PC before but further than that I have little experience. So can I diy or is it something a PC repairer would be better doing? 11:00 05 Apr 2009

I would suggest use the monitor on other PC and see if the same problem happens.
Is so, the monitor needs repair. Probably the inverter cable inside the monitor need replacement.

If ok on other PC, you may try check the video card connector and use the safe mode to see if there correct the problem, if yes, reinstall the video driver, if not, video card could be faulty!

Hope this helps!
Tech manager

  Jim_F 11:13 05 Apr 2009

If this is progressive its probably down to heat - just leave the side (or top) of the case off - check that the fan is working and see if this improves things - if it does then the system cooling may need improvement - bigger / faster fans.

Theres an outside chance the PSU could be struggling so try unplugging any usb devices, leave cd/dvd drives empty and see if this makes any difference.

The fan on the GFX card can be changed if this is faulty although this can sometimes be tricky as the fan is often integrated with the GPU heat sink
but thats about it I'm afraid - luckily reaplacement cards are not too expensive but do chack that the PSU has the headroom - usually 400W is recommended.

  DieSse 13:17 05 Apr 2009

No - you can't change memory on a graphics card - it's soldered in.

The best plan is to see if you can borrow a graphics card to check.

You can change graphics card fans if you can find the correct replacement.

Otherwise it's a new graphics card - you could ask a friendly shop to loan you one to check on the understanding you'll buy it if it cures the fault.

  DieSse 13:18 05 Apr 2009

I've not seen a monitor cause similar issues before - but as a cross-check to be certain, see if you can try the monitor on another computer. The friendly shop or a mate can come in handy to do that.

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