Corrupted Browser(s)

  adhere 22:46 12 Aug 2004

I am using IE and Mozilla Firefox as browsers but it appears that both are suffering some form of corruption.

Two or three months ago I decided to explore the use of javascript and installed this in a separate directory. However, a short while after I began to experience see some additional text on web pages in both browsers.

I have uninstalled the javascript directory and removed and re-installed Firefox (which I am using now) but the problem still occurs. See example below which appears under the "Vote Now" box on this page.

document.write(' \/SCR' + 'IPT>');

Sometimes, especially on opening web pages, the whole page is nearly full with this type of text, and sometimes I find that response boxes on web pages don'function.

How can I correct this?


  johnnyrocker 23:41 12 Aug 2004

you dont state os but is system restore available.?


  Valvegrid 07:05 13 Aug 2004

I didn't know you could get JavaScript as a seperate plugin for either browser, Java Sun yes, but JavaScript?

  Valvegrid 07:10 13 Aug 2004

Ooops, maybe you can.

  Pesala 07:22 13 Aug 2004

Just under the Vote Now Box.

<script>document.write('<SCR' + 'IPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="click here;sz=120x600;ord='+myRandomNumber+'?"><\/SCR' + 'IPT>');

What I see in Opera is an advert for laptops at If you see something else, it would seem to be a Javascript problem. Have you disabled it perhaps?

  Pesala 07:24 13 Aug 2004

but I don't see any source code.

  adhere 23:42 16 Aug 2004


Have checked that Javascript is enabled, but enabled or disabled does not appear to have any affect.


OS is XP Home and one of the first things I tried was system restore back to the date when I first installed Java. This was when I was only using IE but it did not cure the problem which shows on both IE and Mozilla Firefox.


  woodchip 23:47 16 Aug 2004

If you have a full XP disc the first thing to do is put the disc in comp, Go to Start\Run and type

SFC /SCANNOW and run it, then look at the brower after the system files are checked

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