coolkid267 17:36 24 Jan 2008

i want to download corrupted files but i dont know how and dont ask me why just help

  mfletch 17:42 24 Jan 2008

We could be helping you to infect someone else's computer,

  tullie 17:45 24 Jan 2008

Sounds weird to me,please explain

  FungusBoggieman 17:49 24 Jan 2008


very curious here.
if you want to damage your pc why dont you just hit ts with a mallet

  skidzy 17:52 24 Jan 2008

Why would you want corrupted files ?

I do suppose there could be a valid reason,if you are trying to repair these files somehow !

  mfletch 17:56 24 Jan 2008

Did you look at my last message in this post,

click here


  p;3 19:50 24 Jan 2008

please explain clearly what EXACTLY the files are you are seeking to download ..and why?

with respect; I think that no one with any sense would consider deliberately downloading corrupt files to their computer what is your 'intent'?

  coolkid267 15:03 26 Jan 2008

i want to see if i can repair them because ive downloaded a corrupted file reapairer

  MAT ALAN 15:06 26 Jan 2008

and if this corrupted file repairer does not recognise the problem, WHAT THEN, i think you are asking for trouble and will surely get it if you attempt to do this... (santos7)

  DieSse 16:03 26 Jan 2008

Have you ever had a "corrupted file"?

Why DID you download a "corrupted file repairer"?

What kind of corrupted files is it supposed to repair? What's the name of/link to this program - if we knew a bit more we might be able to help.

In general terms it's simply not possible to download corrupted files - as no-one sensible would want to make them available to you.

If the program purports to recover corrupted files from CDs - scratch a CD badly and see if it can recover the files.

  p;3 19:08 26 Jan 2008

what is the 'tool' you have downloaded, and who prompted you TO download it?

did you get a pop -up somewhere inviting you to take in on board?

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