Corrupt Windows\System32

  Spr 20:11 05 Sep 2006

My Window\System32\configSystem file is corrupt and Windows XP will not boot up off the CD. I have the tried CD ROM as the first boot nothing it goes straight to
“Window\System32\configSystem file is corrupt boot off CD or press “r” on first screen”

any advice to a novice.

  VoG II 20:15 05 Sep 2006
  DrScott 21:28 05 Sep 2006

of trying to correct this problem myself and it is an utter pain in the neck.

The link I used was click here since the microsoft one wouldn't work for me.

Best of luck!

  DrScott 11:10 11 Sep 2006

I have found a link that may well help you... it basically allows you to run a system restore from the recovery console:

click here

The relevant bit is this:

- go to recovery console
- type cd \ then enter
- then cd "system volume information\_resto~1 then enter
- type dir then enter

when you hit <Enter> it will list all the restore points folders
like rp1,rp2........ we have to see the last restore point to copy
the file from a recent backup. if the restore points have more than
one page then u have keep on hitting the <Enter> key to view the
last restore point folder. You will have to choose the second to the
last option, if it has more than 2 RP's.

- type cd rp {the second to the last restore point no. } (Note :
Example : cd rp9, if rp9 is the second to the last restore point,
where last restore point no.=9 )

- then type cd snaphot

Now the command Prompt will look like this c:\system~1\_resto~1\rp9

- type: copy _registry_machine_system c:\windows\system32
\config\system OR:
copy _registry_machine_softwarec:\windows\system32\config\software
- then type exit

Hope that helps! It's a life saver!

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