Corrupt windows

  Strawballs 00:16 10 Jun 2008

A friend of the wifes asked me to have a look at their system because they could not get it to boot.

When I had a look it got as far as the list safe mode safe mode with networking last known configureation etc nothing would work it just kept rebooting and ending up back at that point.

At this point I must point out that it is an emachine with windows xp media edition.

As it was booting I noticed that there is 2seconds to press F11 to run system recovery but that starts loading then gets to a point that says "please wait" then freezes that curser still moves but it stayed like that for over half an hour.

I don't have a copy of media edition so I told them that I could not do a repair install as she has lots of Photo's that she didn't want to loose (yes no back ups)all i said I could do was to take the machine home put their HDD into one of my machines as a slave and see if I could save the photo's.

I told her that she would proberbly have to buy a copy of windows.

When I installed it in my machine my copy of windows automatically run CHKDISK and deleted some corrupt files, the whole thing took about 1/2 hour.

When it finished that it carried on booting normally and I was able to access the photo's and burn them to DVD (about 4.3gig of them)
I could even see the recovry partion in my computer.

The strange this is when I put the drive back in her machine after resetting it back to master I thought I would give it 1 last try and it booted into windows first time.

  lotvic 00:27 10 Jun 2008

so I guess CHKDISK 'fixed' whatever it was then?

Is it mended now?

If you have acronis TI then maybe it's time to make a backup image of their drive for them for future use.

  Strawballs 00:38 10 Jun 2008

That is a good idea I have a spare copy of TI 11 because a friend could not get on with it and was going to throw it in the bin and the wife's friend has an older PC under the stairs with a 40gig HDD in it so I said I would put it in the machine as a slave and format it so it can be used for storing data so if it ever happens again she won't lose everything.

  lotvic 19:07 10 Jun 2008

Great, that will save you time and hassle from future rescues and them from having to buy another copy of windows :))
winners all round

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