Corrupt and unreadable

  User-178362 18:48 16 Feb 2006

My PC froze. I manually closed it after 30 min's. When I restarted it I had two messages up 1).Corrupt file unreadable. Run Chkdsk utility. 2).Search tool bar problem with desktop index reinstall MSN search Tool bar here http:// toolbar.MSN.CO.UK. 1)I do not know how to run Chkdsk utility. 2. How do I reinstall MSN Search tool bar? Do I type in and then OK to what ever it might ask me to do. Then when I wanted to cut and past 2 pictures from one folder to another I lost the Titles to my folders for a minute. I have since been using the Internet that worked OK, Do you think leave well alone? I wonder do other people have trouble all the time as I seem to.

  curlylad 19:17 16 Feb 2006

To run the chkdsk utility click start , click run , then type in the box chkdsk , click OK and a box will open and run chkdsk for you.

If you wish to install the msn toolbar then take a look at your first post , the words MSN and search are in green ,hover your mouse over them and a box opens.At the bottom of this box is the link , click on this for a link to where you can get the toolbar from.

And yes , the answer to your final question is we all get these problems from time to time , you are not the first person to ever be blighted by problem after problem and I can assure you that you will most definately not be the last so chin up !

  User-178362 19:55 16 Feb 2006

Thank you I did the chkdsk utility, Didn't have the time to read it, I do not know what it said or did. I also do not know why I should want to reinstall MSN search I didn't know it had gone. Tool bar problem with desktop index. What is this telling me? What is 2) telling me?

  ade.h 20:07 16 Feb 2006

"I wonder do other people have trouble all the time as I seem to?"

No. At least, I don't. But some OS installations can be more problematic than others. If I had as many issues as you apparently have, I would wipe the hard-disks and re-install the OS and apps.

  User-178362 20:27 16 Feb 2006

Can not do that. Wouldn't know where to start. If I were you, I probably wouldn't have as many headaches you more than likely know how to put things right. I wouldn't have bought a PC if I had known. My nieces do not seem to have trouble with theres. I'm on it all the time trying to put one thing after another right. It's because I do not understand it. I only.

  p;3 20:58 16 Feb 2006

my sympathies with your evident frustrations; you are not alone as I too often have glitches , pages freezing etc , for whatever reason.; my suggestion would be that you should not worry about what others seem to be doing with their computers, and their abilities, but try and get to understand what yours can do a bit at a time. try working on something very basic and simple, ; get to grips with it first, and feel confident in your handling of that task;( for example, how to run a scan disc , or how to run one of the basic scans of the "protective" programs on your PC and how to update them on line ; I think you might feel more confident if you try something really basic to start with? and ignore what others seem to be doing with their machines; there is no competition, ; try different basic things and see how you get on with them ; and if you need help with them, you can always start a thread asking for that help;

I also do think that sometimes folks may tend to forget how scarry it is to do soemthing that THEY think is second-nature and easy- peezy, but which YOU think is MEGGA difficult; as someone has said to me , if they owned the pc that I have they would have chucked my computer out the window MONTHS ago, with all the hassles I have had; dont give up ; and do keep asking for advise and guidance:)

  curlylad 21:09 16 Feb 2006

I wasn't aware that you had as many headaches as you claim , however I still stand by the sentiment that we all from time to time have some problems.

You say " I wouldn't have bought a PC if I had known". The thing is it's like a car , when most of us buy a car we do not have the foggiest idea on how to fix things if they go wrong , that is why we have people to help us called mechanics.
Same with PCs , when we buy one most of us haven't the foggiest idea how to fix them , that is why they invented PCAdvisor web site.

Do not be detered if you have problems , just post them on here and there are literally hundreds of people who can help with one thing or another , cars have mechanics and PCs have web sites like this one and the beauty of it is that you have to pay mechanics !
As for the constant problems , you will learn in time and gradually pick things up so as I said don't be detered or give in and the next time you find something wrong , no matter how trivial it may seem just post it on here and wait for the solution , OK ?

  ade.h 21:27 16 Feb 2006

" more than likely know how to put things right."

Yes, to a large extent, though I still have to ask for advice occasionally.

But it's simply the case that neither my desktop, nor my laptop, ever suffer any issues. As I say, if I had the kind of issues that you seem to have, I'd take action. Apart from my laptops, I only ever build my own PCs and install everything myself; maybe that has something to with it.

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