Corrupt SD Card

  marv101 20:46 05 Feb 2006

Hey guys, my dad took his camera on holiday and filled up his SD card full of holiday photos. These photos never got backed up and now the SD card is corrupt. The camera would malfunction whenever the card was in, and gave a card read error, so I suggested buying a card reader for the PC to see if this could recover photos with the aid of a program. Only thing is the card reader can't read it either, so we're stuck. Any way out of this? My brother's camera gives the option of formatting the card. Could this work? This might make it readable, losing all files, but can the files be recovered by a program (if the card is not written over). I've read some programs can recover photos from a reformatted card, but would this help in my case. PLEASE HELP!

  jack 20:52 05 Feb 2006

Download these programs and try them in the computer

PC Inspector from click here a freeby

BadCopy Pro a very effective one but will cost you £20 for the full version from click here

  belt_and_braces 21:07 05 Feb 2006

once you have decided you have finished with the card, format it in any camera that can do it and then format it in our dad's camera.

did your father format the card the FIRST time it was put in the camera? some cameras/cards must be formatted when they are first used in the camera they are going to be used in... its to ensure that both are using the same block/system data sizes.

sorry its in hindsite

  marv101 21:11 05 Feb 2006

god knows, but will reformatting it now help me? by that, i mean will it then be readable by my pc? if so, that's a major step. i dont know if its corrupted by physical damage tho - doesnt seem to be.

(the software hasnt worked yet)

  belt_and_braces 21:16 05 Feb 2006

when you have either

got the picture off
given up getting the picture off

then format the card on a camera that will format it, then

format it on the camera that is going to use it, ie your dads.

Then test the card, it dont cost anything for your dad to take loads of pic inside his house, just sitting down infront of the telly.

see what happens, test with some pics, then full up. if it fails at all then return it or replace it.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 05 Feb 2006

File recovery from
From cfc msticks smartmedia etc.
Smart recovery click here
zero assumption click here

  belt_and_braces 21:19 05 Feb 2006

until you have given up

  marv101 21:27 05 Feb 2006

every program freezes when trying to read the card.
even if i format the card, the photos shouldnt be 'lost'. formatting doesnt overwrite the content on cards, they simply become available to be written over. thus i should be able to undelete them, right? or am i completely wrong?

  skidzy 21:27 05 Feb 2006

From past experience Marv,once the card is corrupted..always corrupted....Try your best with some the programs offered and if you did get to save some of the pics,ditch the card and buy a new card from a recommended source.IE: local highstreet store.I know how heart breaking it can be losing some of those treasured moments.The art of Digital i suppose !!!!!..Good luck Marv

  skidzy 21:35 05 Feb 2006

Option for you to try...You say you have a card reader......i guess its usb !....This option i am going to give is openly talked about on here.Its worth a try,you have nothing to lose.Turn the pc off at the wall socket,with the power off press the start button and hold for 20-30 seconds...make sure all programs are closed first...Leave for 20-30...then reboot normally.This has proved an affective way of getting the usb to work,im not saying you have a problem there at all,but merely an option which may help read the card via the this and see...
click here
i know it sounds like your card has had it,but worth a try.

  marv101 21:49 05 Feb 2006

thanx for all ur help guys, but nothing has worked yet. im gonna try it my way as i dont really have a lot to lose - i cant access the card as it is at the minute so it cant get worse. at least this way i might have the option of using it again

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