Corrupt or missing nvatabus.sys - how to fix???

  chrismuir 22:34 30 Apr 2006

I (stupidly) removed a number of the Nvidia drivers as I wanted to install some new ones. I rebooted to install the new drivers. My operating system (XP home) boots from a SATA drive, and when booting up I now get the message:

c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvatabus.sys is corrupt or missing.

The boot up goes no further and the only drive that I can access is an IDE drive which is used for music/photo files. It mentions going into Windows setup and using the repair facility to possibly fix this. As far as I can tell, i just need to install a suitable driver so that the PC can 'see' the SATA drive and then it will be ok - right??

Therefore, all boils down to a simple question, how do I go about fixing or replacing this file so that my PC will boot up??


Chris (now sheepishly using his wife's work laptop to post this!!)

  ACOLYTE 02:20 01 May 2006

I'm not sure,but usually you install the sata drivers before installing xp so the only way to fix it may be to format and reinstall,having said that it may be possible to reinstall the Motherboard drivers off your motherboard cd,and the sata driver may be on that and reinstall them,like i said I'm not sure if that would work or what the outcome would be to your system if you tried it.Usually you copy the sata drivers to a floppy to install them so I'm not sure if the cd option would work anyway.

I did find this but don't know if it would work,and i have not tried this myself,so i will leave the choice to you.

Insert the floppy disk with the "nvatabus.sys" file into the floppy drive. At the command prompt, type copy a:\nvatabus.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers and hit <ENTER>. Once file has been copied, type "EXIT" and hit <ENTER>. This will reboot your system. Remove floppy from system.

When the system restarts hit cancel when all devices are detected,then reinstall your driver kit

Like i said i cant vouch for this working so whether or not you try it is up to you.

  chrismuir 10:37 01 May 2006


Managed to install some SATA drivers so that I could then go into the repair console and into the windows installation. Was then able to replace the file as you suggested and the PC has booted up ok....

After all this still can't get Call to Duty 2 to run, which was the original reason I decided to update the drivers.... When I try to start it I get the message 'Please insert the correct DVD-ROM.......' even though it is sitting in my DVD drive!!

  ACOLYTE 11:52 01 May 2006

Sorry to here that,its a good game been playing it a while now,mostly online play though.

maybe this may help click here

  chrismuir 10:49 07 May 2006

Updating the nForce drivers fixed the problem. All works well now, so I won't be playing around with the PC for a while as I don't won't to break it again!!

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