Corrupt music file - but more complicated

  Peter Lanky 20:27 03 Jan 2012

I have a CD which I ripped to a wma file a couple of years ago for playing on my pc and in the car via a SD card - no problems so far. Today I was ripping a few CDs into flac format for digital streaming. I was using "Exact Audio Copy" as the ripping software. However the rip kept failing, so I ripped it using "FreeRip" instead.

On playback however, the playback is distorted, similar to how vinyl sounded when the stylus was thick with dust. This was playing on "Foobar 2000" media player on my PC. Then I listened to my original wma, and this was also distorted in exactly the same way. Also, when I uploaded all my wma files into Windows Media Player, this album failed to upload automatically.

Listening to the same file which was already loaded on another PC and my Walkman mp3 player, the sound is perfect. Both these copies were originally taken from my now distorted version. If I copy my file from my PC onto a pen drive, and play it on the other PC, the play is distorted, showing that is the file that is corrupt, and not my PC.

Can anyone offer an explanation?

  lotvic 10:11 04 Jan 2012

It happens... files get corrupted, possibly is fragmented on HDD. (a bit here, a bit there). That's why backups are important. How to fix? - Replace the corrupted file with a 'known good'.

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