Corrupt memory card

  SumKindaMonster 21:50 22 Apr 2004

I have a 64mb sd memory card but the batterys died in the camera whilst saving a picture i now cannot access the card thru my pc but i can save delete pics on the camera i am wanting to knwo if i would be able to fix this problem im not bothered about the pictures that are on there but windows says its unable to format the card any help is gratefuylly appreciated

  Totally-braindead 21:52 22 Apr 2004

Try formatting it in the camera rather than the PC

  SumKindaMonster 22:05 22 Apr 2004

ive tried that it formats successfully but the pc still says that the card needs to be formatted and wont let me format it

  TBH1 22:10 22 Apr 2004

if you've formatted it on the camera whats the problem ?

  SumKindaMonster 22:13 22 Apr 2004

when i hook it to the pc the and try to access it it says that it needs to be formatted so i try to format it and it says that it cant be formatted sometimes it says please insert a disk into drive f

  TBH1 23:50 22 Apr 2004

SumKindaMonster - sorry mate, must have misread your post. I suppose if you connect your camera to PC via usb link you will be able to tranfer ?? Not ideal I know but it will 'get you out of jail' I guess

  billyliv 00:29 23 Apr 2004

Hi, The way I see it is, If you have a compact flash card for camera use and you put it into a card reader on your PC or you connect the camera to the PC and then delete a photo on the card using the PC while the card is in the card reader or camera, then that compact flash card is corrupt and cannot be used again. A lesson I learned , always delete photos when the card is in the camera using the camera delete option. Cheers, Bill

  SumKindaMonster 11:34 23 Apr 2004

i can do anything i want with the card whilst it is in the camera but if i connect the card to my pc either in the camera or by my card reader i cannot access it at all. i find this strange as if the card was naffed i woudl presume that i wouldnt be able to access it in the camera either

  TBH1 11:55 23 Apr 2004

so, are you saying that you can take pictures but now have lost the ability to transfer to PC ??

  billyliv 12:00 23 Apr 2004

Hi, As I said, the card is corrupt. Get another one and try it. It pays to have more than one. Cheers, Bill

  SumKindaMonster 12:19 23 Apr 2004

yes i can take pictures and do anything with them delete resize etc onm the camera but i cannot transfer them to m,y pc but if i save them on the cameras built in flash memory i can transfer them fine

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