corrupt .jpg file recovery

  Xevious 10:27 21 May 2003

i have some corrupt .jpg files and would like some advise if these are recoverable... i am a novice(ish) in graphics so help would be greatly appreciated!

when trying to open the files in PhotoShop i get the error of "could not open...blah blah blah... because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found"

also can't open these files anywhere else, won't even give me a preview/thumbnail...

looking on properties, it shows "summary properties are unavailable for the selected source(s)", whereas the jpegs that DO work displays the properties such as File Type, width, height, horizontal and vertical resolution, bit depth and color representation...

is there an app that i could use that would help me recover these files?

thx for you help in advance...

if they have an invalid extension try using irfanview to open them it will warn you of the invalid name and offer to rename them, if the file is actually corrupted there is not much you can do.
irfanview is a free download and incredibly useful if you download all the plugins and filter factory filters.

  Xevious 14:59 21 May 2003

thx, but tried that to no avail

the file sizes are as they should be, just the file information under properties is no longer there... anyway of restoring the actual file info?

You can try Loading them into 'C:\WINDOWS\KODAKIMG.EXE' which is a part of 'MS win' i.e. Imaging OR msPaint, to see if this does the trick?

However, if the files have a virus on them, then nothing can be done to recover the Jpeg's...

Also, If the files are on floppy disk! check the disk properties to see if it contains a virus... i.e. disk size available (20.4 gb) instead of (1.44 mb) or (2.56 mb) if the disk has been compressed. If this is the case, then you will have to discard the disk as it can no longer be formatted. This is why you must always keep copies of all important files.


  Confab 15:46 21 May 2003

Where are the files stored?

  Xevious 15:49 21 May 2003

thx for replying, but i have tried imaging, mspaint, photoshop, corel photopaint, internet explorer, irfanview, acdsee, all same thing.

images were on my harddisk, AV up to date, did full system scan, no viruses found.

funny thing is that it only affected certain folders, and within those folders, only about 80% of the jpg files... and the rest work fine!

can't seem to think what may have done this...

as usual, i stress to others about the importance of backing up all files onto CD on a regular basis, but you know how it goes, "it won't happen to me"... and it did.

guess i'd better start listening to my own advice!

any other ideas?

  Xevious 15:50 21 May 2003

on my HDD, and now also on CD! (a bit late for that!) had a look at the file attributes, and not set on read only or archive...

  Little Davel 16:09 21 May 2003

I had a problem 12 months ago when my Pc refused to read some jpeg photos... I went barmy !! I had ACDSee, Picture Publisher...had been using Nero and Easy CD Creator etc ... and at some point the machine refused to open the jpegs. I posted on this great forum and someone suggested a free prog called Isobuster....fantastic ! Think its in PC Advisor downloads somewhere !! At some point along the line one of these great programmes had changed something.....Isobuster changed it back.

  Xevious 16:28 21 May 2003

thx, i'll have a look for it and give it a try.

will let you all know how i get on, in the meantime, anyone else have more suggestions?

(the more the better!)

  anchor 16:52 21 May 2003

Never come across Isobuster before, but here is the site:

click here

The chances are that if the original jpg.files were copied on to floppy, then the only way a virus can get into the system is by rebooting the machine with the floppy-disk still in the drive, thereby damaging the boot sector of the disk, and so in turn when the machine is re-booted then the infected file can reside in the main boot-sequence of the hard drive, as a result the Anti-Virus will not always pick it up. I can only suggest you to copy all your work to Floppy or CDR then virus-scan the disks before re-installing the operating system...


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