corrupt files on pen drive

  Marko797 20:24 15 May 2008

Some of my files decided to corrupt today, mainly in excel and word (2007), but strangely not all of them. Now some will not open, except in what you might call 'gobbledygook' format.

I wasn't connected to the internet at anytime so am happy there is no virus or spyware involvement. Just to check I have scanned the whole pen drive with anti-v and anti-spyware. No reports.

Some of the folders containing files did not even appear when I checked the pen drive via My Computer, but then when I checked later the folder they had re-appeared.

Anyone any ideas how this happened, or how to recover/repair the corrupt files?

Any advice appreciated.

  Ditch999 20:26 15 May 2008

Pen drives fail regularly. Make a back up immediately.

  Marko797 20:34 15 May 2008

yes have backed up, so it's not a major issue apart from then files I created today, most of which were work related. Strange that it's only *some* files and not all. If the pen drive had failed, then I would have thought all files might have corrupted?

  Ditch999 20:40 15 May 2008

Not necessarily. Were the new documents created in Office 2007 by any chance and you are trying to open them in an older version? Can you remember the font that was used to create them? (It may be Calibri) Is that font installed on your system?

  Marko797 20:46 15 May 2008

they were indeed created in 2007, and also with calibri font (11). How's that relevant?

Some of the older files were created with the same as above; some open, some don't, hence my confusion.

  Ditch999 20:58 15 May 2008

Are you trying to open them in Office 07? If some work and others dont, check the ones that work to see if the font is Calibri or something else. The files may have been corrupted if you removed the usb drive without using the safely remove hardware option first.

  Marko797 21:09 15 May 2008

they (todays files which I referred to) were created in 2007 in calibri initially but chnged to arial 12 before saving as final version. They opened ok at 1st on my laptop (office 2007) bcos I checked. I then saved them but also saved in 2003 format, as I plug the pen drive in the desktop at work in order to print off using network printer. The work machine has office 2003. Whenever I unplug the pen drive I always go thru the safely remove process.

When I went to open the 2003 version on the desktop I got the corrupt file scenario. I unplugged pen drive, back to the laptop, tried to open, and they were corrupt there too.

I still have older files in excel and calibri which still open. Other older files which did open as recent as yesterday, now do not open bcos of corruption. Defies all logic. Sorry to harp on about it ditch.

  Marko797 21:17 15 May 2008

I saved a word 2003 and an excel 2003 document from desktop to the pen drive which was created in arial by a coleague. They only hae 2003 version. Both now corrupt & refuse to open.
Just thought I'd throw that into the mix.

Is it the pen drive u think? Or a software problem? I'm clutchin at straws here.

  Ditch999 12:01 17 May 2008

Can you try a different pen drive? Do any work colleagues have the same problem? The Arial font keeps rearing its head here. Could you try deleting it from the work PC then reinstalling it from a different PC?

  Marko797 19:07 17 May 2008

Bit the bullet and bought a new SanDisk pen drive as I needed to have some reliability. I know it doesn't solve the puzzle on why the files corrupted in the first place however. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again, but if it does I shall be none the wiser as to why it happened at all.

Some pictures I had saved on the pen drive had also corrupted and strangely it would not let me delete them? I've ended up formatting said pen drive but not sure if I'll use it again owing to this recent failure.

Thnx for your input on the post.

  fyz 09:33 06 Jun 2008


There is a tool called Advanced Excel Repair. I have used it to repair many corrupt Excel xls files on my damaged disks successfully. Its homepage is click here But I'm not sure whether it works for your file, maybe you can have a try.


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