corrupt files during ie6 intall. can't reboot

  planckton100 08:43 13 Mar 2008

Decided last night to do a fresh install of windows 2000. Have done this periodically to speed things up a bit on my old ish computer, not because of any particular problems.

Using the windows 2000 disk deleted c: partion, recreated it, formatted, and installed windows 2000 and other programs I have backed up on a different partition. Usual stuff zone alarm, avg, drivers,etc. Computer reboots fine after drivers and other programs are installed. Computer also connects to internet fine.

Problem occurs when I tried to download and install ie6 update. During download/install a lot corrupted files are detected by windows and install fails. Also all other shortcuts on desktop are indicated as corrupted by windows when clicked on. If computer is restarted it fails to reboot. Stalls when looking for boot up files ( I think ?). Did whole fresh install again and got the same problem. Also same problem when tried to download service patch 4 for win2000 after fresh install on win 2000.

Currently using work computer. Home computer still stalling at reboot.

  xania 09:11 13 Mar 2008

Have you tries installing ie7?

click here

  planckton100 09:30 13 Mar 2008


Have done all this before and not had any problems at all.

Will only be able to install ie7 if I do another fresh install. How do I know ie7 won'yt give me the same problem?

Any solutions / ideas I can try when I get home appreciated. In particular is there any way I can recover / fix current setup. Have tried recovery console and used fixboot but did not make any difference. Will bootcfg / rebuild, scanreg / restore or /fix work??

  planckton100 13:04 13 Mar 2008

After reading up on the internet I should probably add that I have not got a floppy drive so as far as I am aware I would not be able to make a emergency repair disk.

Also I was wondering if I could have a virus in the MBR. Would the virus if present survive the format and clean install of windows 2000 on the c: partition??

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