Corrupt file won't move over!

  Diemmess 16:49 02 Mar 2014

I was sorting the photo results from last night's family celebration and one of the files in the folder will not open, allow itself to be moved, cut or even deleted.

The file seems to have added to a normal image (jpg)file a squiggle of code and a TMP subscript -- IMG_2248.jpg~RFf696fS.TMP (The extra bits have a link with WORD it seems.)

The file adjacent is IMG_2248.jpg and behaves normally

There's nothing sinister about this, but it narks me being unable to be rid of this intruder.

  rdave13 17:31 02 Mar 2014

Try unlocker, latest version from FileHippo. As always check for any 'extras' offered during installation.

  wee eddie 18:05 02 Mar 2014

I have to assume that it survived the PC being turned off, also CCleaner's of .tmp files?

  Woolwell 19:12 02 Mar 2014

It should disappear with a reboot. It's a temp file created whilst the main file was opened. They should close automatically but can hang around.

  Diemmess 12:30 03 Mar 2014

Thanks, but not quite there. the rogue file has gone after using CClean including temp files (and all the precious pics). I limit myself to the registry normally. I'm getting old and silly!

There's a lot more to this tale but I'm now desperate

I still hope to recover 20 or so shots from the Canon SD card (Yes I deleted the happy snaps but left 2 from another theme.

Which software do you recommend to recover these? EaseUS data recovery? Huge list freebies to choose from. Or pay up for a more sure recovery?

  john bunyan 12:47 03 Mar 2014

I would try Recuva. Free version here:

Recuva from Filehippo

  Diemmess 18:49 03 Mar 2014

Very grateful, happy to say I'm back more or less as I was Stumbled over Airsoft Recuva, succeeded with EaseUS data recovery.

All took ages because I was twitchy at each stage before continuing.

Family honour restored - Whoopee!

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