Corrupt file on external HD

  NickyK 10:10 02 Sep 2007

I have a corrupt file on my external HD. Every time I try and run a defrag or a cleaner, I get an "Unable to complete the task" message anb H:\Recycled\Dh6\ and the file name.

How do I get rid of this once and for all? I can't even run CHKDISC, although whenever I try to defrag the drive it asks me to (yep, drive would benefit from a completed defrag, but it is not absolutely vital).

I have even tried File Assassin. Didn't work. And yeah I've run AVG, Spybot, Adaware, ccleaner etc. No joy.

Yes, I get the "other programs using it" or "windows needs to access other parts which can only be done after a reboot and please run CHKDISC". Done all that. Bought the T shirt.

In the words of the girl in the cab in the "Fifth Element": Pleeeaaassse heeelllppp! I don't know what else to try! And I am not sure I can do a system restore on an external HD.

Thank you.

  rawprawn 10:28 02 Sep 2007

have a look here, you might be able to delete it in DOS. click here
Also try move on boot click here

  rawprawn 10:30 02 Sep 2007

If your H: is listed as active in system restore you should be able to use it.

  NickyK 10:36 02 Sep 2007

Thanks. MoveOnBoot sounds fun. File Assassin claimed to unlock it, but couldn't get rid of it. I'll also have a good read through the "How do I delete a file" article you suggested.


  NickyK 10:39 02 Sep 2007

Hm. Trouble is, I don't want to restore the main computer to an earlier state because I have just finished solving a very annoying problem (well, 3 very annoying problems, actually). I don't suppose it is possible simply to system-restore the errant external HD?

I run Dell Dimension 2400 Windows XP SP2. Yes I know: baby-toy. Still, it works! Most of the time!

  rawprawn 10:50 02 Sep 2007

It's not really good practice to monitor an external drive with System restore because if an automatic restore point is made when the drive is unplugged you would get a corrupt reading when you try to restore

  rawprawn 10:51 02 Sep 2007

Unlocker is also worth a try click here

  Diemmess 10:53 02 Sep 2007

I confess to having a potentially tedious idea which might just work!

If you can store all but the rogue file away from your ext. HD for the present, then you could format the now almost empty drive and be Freeeeee.

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