correcting the time in Outlook Express

  sheila.weston 10:26 11 Apr 2007

After a HD crash, Outlook Express is showing the wrong time for the sent and received messages. I realise that this is connected with time zones and GOOGLE brings up lots of messages from people who have this problem with the Time Stamp, but the answers aren't very clear.

Can someone direct me to a webpage which shows how to correct it if everything else is working well ie I do not want to reinstall the program.

Thanks, as always.

  I am Spartacus 11:09 11 Apr 2007
  sheila.weston 22:45 11 Apr 2007

Sorry, Spartacus, I don't understand. There is a comment about "putting '' in the box". What box? Somewhere in Outlook Express or GOOGLE?

  €dstowe 06:59 12 Apr 2007

sheila, double click on the clock in the right hand corner of your screen and then click on "Internet Time". You will see the box there. All you do then is insert the address, do a time check to make sue it works and then click "Apply".

  sheila.weston 17:04 12 Apr 2007

Many thanks, Edstowe. I hadn't noticed that tab. The time zone was set to Pacific Time, for some reason, when it should be GMT.

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