Correct way to replace hard drive

  SB23 15:26 31 Dec 2005

My new hard drive is on its way,but am a little worried about actually doing it.
Is it really just a case of take old one out,replace with new one,format,then replace OS?
Another question is,how do I wipe the old drive if its in the pc and still in use?
Sorry everyone,but I understand the theory of it,but not the procedures.
Thanks in advance,

  SG Atlantis® 15:30 31 Dec 2005

why don't you keep the old one as a slave?

Swop over the old drive for the new, ensuring it is set as master at the back.

Then install the old one as slave in another available ide channel.

Proceed to install the OS.

I assume it's XP? it will give you the options to partition and format the drive during install.

When you're up and running with the OS installed on the new C drive, right click the old drive in my computer and format it.

  Forum Editor 15:35 31 Dec 2005

provided you take certain precautions before you start.

1. Make sure your new drive is configured (via the jumper on the end of the drive) as 'Master' - this will almost certainly be the case by default.

2. Backup any data files on the old drive to CD, or some other media.

3. Make sure you have all software disks, and drivers for all your peripheral hardware devices - especially your modem, if you use one. The one thing you need to be sure of is that you can get online, in case you need to download a lost driver, or a software update.

4. Backup any important emails, and your address book/contact list, plus email server addresses and login details.

Then you're set. Install the old drive as a slave (don't forget to change the jumper), and partition the new drive. Install your operating system and software and, once you're up and running again you can set about clearing the old drive of files. If you prefer, you can simply format it and start afresh.

  SB23 15:47 31 Dec 2005

The new Hd will be a replacement as the existing one has alot of bad sectors,so as FE suggests I will be starting afresh.
When I realized that the Hd was going I started making copies of programs I wanted to keep,so starting again will be no problem.

As SG Atlantis® says,it is Xp,but when I put the OS back on,is it best to put it on a partition or not?

  SG Atlantis® 15:53 31 Dec 2005

That's really down to preference.

Advantage would be if the OS is on it's own partition then the data on the other partition(s) won't be touched if you come to do a reinstall of the OS again.

  SB23 15:57 31 Dec 2005

How do I go about deleting the info on the old hd,do I do it before I take it out?

  SG Atlantis® 16:02 31 Dec 2005

you can or you can wait til after the new ones installed.

It's safer to wait, as say, if something went wrong with the new install you can fall back on the old drive as a temporary measure.

you can use the free version of click here

  Strawballs 16:03 31 Dec 2005

If you are not going to use the old drive are you deleteing the info for secureity reasons if so why not just take a hammer to it to make it totally unusable.

  SB23 16:04 31 Dec 2005

What a good idea,but would wait as SG Atlantis® suggests.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 31 Dec 2005

Fit as slave

Then when your new op system installed and all devices running and your sure you have everthing off it.

settings - control panel - admin tools - computer mnagement - disk management - sect your drive right click nd from the menu select format.

  SB23 16:08 31 Dec 2005

As has been suggested aswell,is the idea of having a hd as a slave,but I have not seen any spare connectors in my case,most go into the mobo,one each into each drive,how does that work then?

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