Correct set up instructions four MS DOS 3.2

  Ex plorer 11:19 04 Mar 2006

Hi I am trying to load MS DOS 3.2 the disks are the 4.1/4 type. The PC also has a 3.25 floppy which is the A drive.
The 4.1/4 drive is set at B I have tried typing at the B: prompt b:/setup the drive light comes on and then goes out after a few seconds.
Is this correct, as there is no instruction on the disk its self just a paper folder inside the old envelope they used to come in saying MS DOS 3.2.
There are 4 disks in all.
I realise the drive or disk could not be reading.

  Monument 11:23 04 Mar 2006

I would type 'dir' at the B prompt and see what files are on the disk.

  Ex plorer 11:38 04 Mar 2006

There are 41 files do you want to know all files or dose this mean drive and disk are working ok.

  Diemmess 11:40 04 Mar 2006

Can I assume this is an exercise to see what happened long ago?

Also that you are doing this with a low spec computer which has at present no operating system on the HD?

MSDOS 3.2 is at least 15 years old, from an era when to have more than one megabyte of RAM or 20Mb of HD was a luxury!
If you email me I might be able to help with MSDOS 6.2.2

  Monument 11:41 04 Mar 2006

You need the file that will satrt the installation so you should be looking for an exe file, possibly Seup or Install.

  Ex plorer 12:14 04 Mar 2006

Diemmess you asumtion is correct.
I am intrested to know how it all works.
The PC has 8MB Ram all slots filled will check on speed.
512 HD its cramed full of cards.
I am tryin to scroll up or down how do you do it the up down arrows dont seem to do any thing.
Thanks Diemmess when I get 6.2 and load it up I will get in touch.

  namtas 12:57 04 Mar 2006

One of the disks will be the install disk. One file will be the install and it will be an exe file look like this xxxxxx.exe.

List files on disk put each disk in and at the prompt was originally "a" or "b" type “dir/w".

The install.exe file should bring up a screen of options.

  DieSse 13:14 04 Mar 2006

Just an aside - it's a 5.25" floppy - no such thing as a 4.25" - and a 3.5", not 3.25".

Normally a set of MS-DOS diskettes should be booted from - I don't recall exactly, but you may not be able to boot from the B drive.

So what are you running when you try to install MS-DOS? - whatever it is, if it's running from the hard drive, it'll probably be screwed up if you install MS-DOS over the top of it.

  DieSse 13:16 04 Mar 2006

PS - you can't use the arrow keys to scroll on a DOS screen - it's not possible, doesn't work that way.

If you've already got a prompt up on the screen - you're already in DOS - type VER and it should tell you which version.

  Diemmess 15:07 04 Mar 2006

You must start with a clear HD and boot from Disk 1.(in Floppy Drive B)

Multi-booting is not available in MSDOS 3.2
The mouse is useless.

If you can reach B:> then type DIR B: Enter, and a list of files should show on the monitor.
Disk 1 has all the important execute and command files.
If the screen becomes cluttered and you can't see what's going on at the bottom, type CLS and Enter.

Now you can sweep everything off your HD by typing FORMAT and Enter.
When that is finished, type (at the B:> prompt)
SETUP and follow the prompts.

DieSse has already warned - that you must not do this if there is already a working O.S. on the HD, and hopefully nothing else you can't afford to lose either.

  DieSse 15:12 04 Mar 2006

In reality - it's probably MS-DOS thats on there now!

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