Correct cabling from BT socket to PC

  statik 15:08 06 Apr 2009

For 8yrs. I have been using a normal telephone extension cable to connect to my computer which is upstairs and never had one problem.
Lately my internet connection has been dropping constantly so I phoned my ISP to report this.
My ISP says they can do nothing about it as the recommended layout should be a new RJ11 cable running from the BT socket all the way to the router.
Is this correct as it would mean if you had the BT socket in the hall you should have a RJ11 cable running from it to wherever the computer was sighted.

  AlouetteIII 15:17 06 Apr 2009

It may be that your extension cable, one of the plugs or even the filter are playing up. Might be worth swapping the filter and trying another extension lead - I used to have a similar set-up to yours which worked fine (I've now put the router next to the main BT socket and gone wireless to feed wife's laptop).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 06 Apr 2009

Probably a filter problem but cable checks click here

  Stuartli 15:23 06 Apr 2009

Virtually every ISP strongly recommends that you avoid using a telephone extension lead rather than the correct RJ 11 cable.

You can get these in a variety of lengths at reasonable prices and it should be connected to the ADSL filter/splitter at the Master Socket and then to the system.

I have a 10m RJ11 cable (£7.49) which is run under the carpets to my system.

A reliable source of such cables is:

click here

  Graham. 15:34 06 Apr 2009

Dial 2 to break dial tone, listen for noise.

Dial 17070 for further test options.

  statik 16:31 06 Apr 2009

Put on new filter but no difference.
As per your suggestion I have ordered 10m RJ11 cable for delivery tomorrow.
ISP said if they sent out BT to check fault and I still had phone extension cable in place instead of a RJ11 cable BT would charge me the full callout charge as the cables were not as they recommended.Told me max. RJ11 cable length from socket to router should not exceed 10m/

Thanks for your help.

  Stuartli 18:00 06 Apr 2009

Note that 17070 will not work with an LLU supplied phone service.

  Graham. 19:31 06 Apr 2009

Of course, thanks.

What's worrying is an ISP hiding behind this recommendation. I don't know of any other ISP that has this proviso. The vast majority of installations work perfectly well on extensions and extension cables.

I would have tested for noise first.

  statik 20:18 06 Apr 2009

I was with BT on the 8MB package and only receiving 1-2MB and BT could find nothing wrong even after various tests.
Changed to o2 not long ago and the speed shot up to 12-14MB on their package but the downside is the connection keeps dropping every 10 mins.
You can't win sometimes!

The fellow from o2 would not even listen to my complaint until all the wiring is changed.

  Stuartli 23:56 06 Apr 2009

AN ISP doesn't "hide" behind such a provision - a telephone extension is no substitute for a proper RJ cable.


click here

for instance.

The Tiscali advice on this subject has, unfortunately, done a nose dive...:-(

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