LANDCRUISER 16:22 13 May 2008

I am down loading warcraft & to download 3.89gb its telling me it will take 16 hrs is this correct for the size of download,im on aol silver,or have i got other issues,it seem a long time im sure it used to be faster than this.

  brundle 16:26 13 May 2008

The speed of your connection is a factor, the speed of the server supplying the file and the links in-between is another. The sums are right if your connection is 2MB tho, and that's at maximum speed for the whole time.

  MAT ALAN 16:27 13 May 2008

it will much depend on where the download is coming from,(apart from the speed of your PC) if it is, say stateside every man and his dog will be doing the same thing at the same time..

Only advice i can really give is to try and find a mirror for the download from somewhere that inmternet traffic is quiet (somewhere on the planet where its the middle of the night) sounds daft!!!

but it works...

  johnnyrocker 16:27 13 May 2008

sounds a rather large file? the time quoted may be dial up but they usually show bband times as well.


  LANDCRUISER 16:31 13 May 2008

thanks for the quick responce guys,it just seemed a long time,because its never taken anything like as long before

  brundle 16:36 13 May 2008

I'm wrong...should be 4.5 hours or so (again, assuming 2 megabit connection).

  LANDCRUISER 16:41 13 May 2008

yes brundel this is what i thought,what can i do to make it quicker,is there anything i can check that might be causing it to be so slow

  brundle 16:43 13 May 2008

No not at 2mb. That's still at full speed the whole time. Can't you get it on a DVD?

  Stuartli 16:47 13 May 2008

Do you use a download manager such as FreshDownload (click here)?

I reckon on around one and a half seconds per MB for downloads if the server can deliver top speeds using FD i.e. a 60MB download will be around a minute and a half and a GB around 25 minutes (on an up to 8MB connection).

  LANDCRUISER 16:48 13 May 2008

they are doing a 10day trial that i thought i would try out first,signed up & then relised ihad to download this huge file other wise i would have bought the disc

  bstb3 16:50 13 May 2008

if this is for World of Warcraft, is the 16hrs being quoted on the blizzard downloader / update tool? In the past I have found that to be quite innaccurate, and the tool itself to be prone to periods of inactivity.

Finding a separate source for the patch file may help, as suggested above. a goodle search for the file in question should provide a list of alternative download sites.

I also found at times the blizzard tool prompted me to turn off the firewall, as alledgedly this impacted download performance, cant say it ever made a difference when I did though.

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