Coreldraw X3 text alignment

  jonmac 18:22 08 Mar 2008

This one has me tearing my hair out! Whenever I select the text tool in the toolbar then click on the page the text is vertically aligned by default.
The help section says to change this I should click on Text, Format Text then click the paragraph tab etc. The problem is that when I click on Text there is no Format Text option in the drop-down box so I can't follow it through to alter the alignment. So I'm stuck with typing vertical text then manually rotating it.
Can anyone help?

  Diemmess 18:41 08 Mar 2008

Vertically aligned!
Do you mean each letter is below the previous one? If so then disregard everything in this post!

If you are new to Corel (I am only at version 12) it could be that you are making the mistake of selecting the Text tool which is meant for typing something, starting at the point you selected with the mouse.

Assuming nothing basic has changed with X3 then type the text as normal (left to right)

Then using the arrow (select) to click anywhere on the text, you should be able to Edit, Format, or Rotate etc. the block of text which has been selected.

  jonmac 18:54 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for the response Diemmess.
When I click on the Text tool (like a capital A) then click somewhere in the drawing area the flashing insertion point lies horizontally and typing produces text which heads vertically downwards with theindividual letters on their sides. i.e. normal text rotated through 90 degrees clockwise

  jonmac 18:58 08 Mar 2008

Further to that, if I type some text I can rotate it to the horizontal by typing a zero degrees value in the properties bar but next time I attempt to insert text the angular measurement reverts to 270 degrees. I need to be able to set a default of zero degrees somehow and that's the problem, I can neither do it intuitively nor by following the help instructions

  Diemmess 20:00 08 Mar 2008

Thats what I feared you'd say!
Honestly I've never met that or anything like it.

Perhaps you might be able to find the answer in Tools > Options, but even that is hardly intuitive.

If not, said he limply, you can try uninstalling CorelDraw and reinstalling it!

  jonmac 22:27 08 Mar 2008

Yep, I think that might be the only thing that'll work in this case. I'll do that tomorrow.
Thanks for your attention.

  Diemmess 08:53 09 Mar 2008

Found happiness?
It's a pain uninstalling and reinstalling, particularly if you want to define which bits of Corel suite to use - or not.
I assume that was the answer?

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