CorelDraw X3 Lost Tool Box

  User-54B94A8E-8293-4ADE-9AB078E114526AEB 13:12 29 Aug 2008

Can someone please tell me how to reinstall the tool box on the left side of the screen? I have obviously 'deleted' it in error and can find no help elsewhere. - Wol

  I am Spartacus 13:18 29 Aug 2008

View, Toolbars or View, Docking?

  grace2009 13:30 29 Aug 2008

Hi, I am not able to get a clear picture of your query. Could you please be bit more clear.

Opening work screen for CDraw XP3 I no longer have their 'Toolbox' on the left hand margin. Am not sure how to recover it. Is that clearer?

  jack 13:59 29 Aug 2008

to 'Lose Bits'
The work around is 3 fold.
1.In the top task bar you may have a Window 'View'
If you have at the bottom there should be the
tab 'Customize' Open this and click on Restore

2.Dig out the program disk and load it.
You should get Install or Rrepair option
Select Repair

3.Totally remove the programs and reinstall from

  Eric10 14:55 29 Aug 2008

On the top menu click Layout then Page Setup... In the resulting Options dialogue box click the + sign next to Workspace to expand it. Click the + sign sign next to Customization and then click on Command Bars. In the right pane tick the box next to Toolbox.

Thank you. Under View there was no 'custimize' offer but on the drop down menu from Tools was 'customization' which had several empty boxes including 'toolbox'. When ticked all is now well, Thankyou
- Wol

Thankyou Eric10

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