COREL WORD PERFECT 10: why so slow?

  rotormota 19:07 31 Mar 2003

I have just installed full Corel Word Perfect Office 2002 & it is painfully slow to load documents or any applications & to print a document after clicking print.

I had WP9 which was fast & indeed faster than MSO which is why I prefer Corel.

Why is 2002 so slow when WP9 was fast? Is it a vastly bigger programme taking more resources or is there smoething I can do to configure & thus get it up to speed?


  woodchip 19:21 31 Mar 2003

Mine works OK, what's your setup I am on a AMD AthlonXP1600 running at the moment 1700 with 256Mb mem it's just a bit slow loading when starting the program, it's got like MsOffice it's bloated

  woodchip 19:24 31 Mar 2003

PS I am on Win98, you need to know what’s running at start you may have too many things running

  rotormota 19:47 31 Mar 2003

Woody, I am on HP Pavilion 8660 AMD Athlon K6 with WME. When installing CWP10 the other day I went for the full installation of 360 odd mbs. Perhaps I should have chosen smaller 'typical' installation but I thought I should get my monies worth.

But the main point is my WP9 on my system was fast to load applications & to go to print. At the moment I could brew a cuppa in the time it is taking!

Any other ideas as I am doing my monthly invoices right now & at this rate it could be a late night!


  interzone55 19:59 31 Mar 2003

What's your processor speed, because a K6 is not an Athlon. How much RAM have you got?

I would say that WPO 10 will be pushing a K6 to the limit, so maybe you need to add some memory and defrag your drive, because if any of the components are spread around your drive it will take time to find & load them.

  woodchip 20:00 31 Mar 2003

You may be better removing and reinstall a smaller as you say typical installation moved up from WP8 it took me some time to decide and I am still running it on my AMD K6 500 and still cannot make my mind up if it was worth the effort to change. It's got some nice features but at the end of the day it still just writes letters. Do not load things that you will never use, it just slows your computer down that goes for other software also. The more you load the more Windows files are changed and make windows flaky. I have only 1.43Gb on C:\ at the moment and am considering removing some of that

  rotormota 20:16 31 Mar 2003

Alan, you are right, it is an AMD K6 2/550mhz. Hard drive 10.26gbs. Memory 64mbs sdram (max384mb) if that makes any sense. I did defrag yesterday in hope but with little if any effect in programme speed.

I added a 128mbs memory stick the other week but can still put in another 256 if I wish.

Do you think, Woody/Alan, I should uninstall/reinstall typical version but also hot hoof it down to PC World for that all important additional memory.

PS good to know there are other members of the rather exclusive 'Corel Club'!

  woodchip 20:24 31 Mar 2003

It will not do any harm but when you have uninstalled go to start\find\find files and look for word perfect office and remove all before reinstalling

  interzone55 20:35 31 Mar 2003

Sorry to upset you Rotormota, I use Microsoft Office as that's what we use at work. We also use Smartsuite at work & if you want slow, try using that across a network, it takes 2 minutes to load & start, then another minute after loading any document before you can do anything with it.
I still have a softspot for Word Perfect though, as it was the first PC office suite I used, and to tell the truth, even Perfect Office v3 which I used on my Windows 95 machine would probably do the job for me 90% of the time.

  woodchip 20:43 31 Mar 2003

Agree I have the old Novel WordPerfect6 Office

  Pesala 21:24 31 Mar 2003

Software produced in 2002 is not goint to run properly on a PC produced in 1998 or thereabouts.

Either upgrade your PC with a new base unit or use less demanding software. WordPerfect 6.0 was excellent, and would run just fine on your system. Wouldn't that do what you want to do?

I used it on my old 486 DX266 quite happily in Windows 3.1 until 11/9/2001 and slightly regret upgrading to WordPerfect Family Pack (WordPerfect 9) after I got a 1Ghz AMD PC with Windows ME. I rarely use WordPerfect, although it takes only 10 seconds to load. Unfortunately, I gave away WordPerfect 6.0 with my old PC.

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