Corel Print / Photo House

  s99Raj 16:53 26 Jun 2003

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Corel Photo house (which I think forms part of Corel Print house)?

I've tried the Corel website but can't find any reference to it.

A friend of mine got it once free with a printer but now can't find the CD.


  Pesala 18:18 26 Jun 2003

That was a few years ago. Mine is dated 2000

Not included now with Family Pack 4.

  Bebee 18:50 26 Jun 2003

It is part of PrintHouse. I hadn't had it installed for a while but had some photos saved in the PhotoHouse format. I thought I'd lost the program and looked for it like you have. There was no mention of it anywhere. Eventually installed PrintHouse and there it was! I got this with a printer or scanner a few years ago.

  toxin 21:50 26 Jun 2003

Hi s99Raj!

I have a Corel Gallery 1million disc 1,for which I had an upgrade as it did not contain all the files it should have.

Photo House is on this, but personally it's a program with low potential, and I think this is why Corel dropped it.

However if you relly want this email me with your address, and i'll pop it in the post.

Cheers Toxin. ([email protected])

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