Corel photo problem

  Femme 22:51 14 Dec 2005

I have an unusual problem on my computer.. I have done a system restore 3 times, run all adware/antivirus etc..many times.. I have gone into the puter and deleted suspect files.

A year ago I had Corel Photo House on the computer.. I did not like it so I uninstalled/deleted it.. I have psp7,8,and 9.and for the last month every week/few days or so.when I go to open a picture and it will not open.. because it is now in Corel Photo House picture format .. It will not open in psp.. and I do not have Photo House.. so it sits there... two days later I can go to the same picture and it's now able to open in Psp 7 or 9..
If I do a word document.. and save it as a word document.... when I go to e-mail it or copy it.. it is now a Photo Shop picture and my computer cannot open it.

I am totally frustrated... and at a loss as to what to do.. How do I get this computer to stop formating everything into Corel Photo Shop... (which I do not have) but obviously there is something sitting in some archive file somewhere This is for my friend we have wracked our heads on this one

  jack 08:49 15 Dec 2005

Try this Go to Start/run/type in the field - regedit
When that comes up- go to Edit/Find and type in here the name of the program that you no longer have and keeps getting in the way.

Delete all results as they come up.
Close machine right down.
wait a minute or two
Start up

Be very careful about the eidit/delete process however inyou are not sure dont delete.

  Femme 11:23 15 Dec 2005

Much appreciated
Will try

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