Corel Photo-Paint 8

  cuscus 20:16 20 Oct 2006

I'm cutting out part of a photo in an ellipse shape using Ellipse Mask Tool and saving it in a jpg extension. My problem is when I paste it on a page, I also have a white square background around it. How can I get rid of the white?

  Hobbers79 20:20 20 Oct 2006

As far as I'm aware, you need to save it as a GIF if you want a transparent background. I'm no expert but might be worth a try!

  woodchip 20:22 20 Oct 2006

Can you save as Transparent

  Eric10 20:23 20 Oct 2006

Hobbers79 is correct. Only GIF or PNG support transparency at the moment. JPG does not.

  cuscus 20:34 20 Oct 2006

Thanks to all I will try savings as a GIF and no you cannot save as Transparent. I did try as PNG and it did not work either.

  cuscus 14:57 22 Oct 2006

Its me again, I tried as GIF and its still the same thing. Any more ideas please????

  hssutton 17:54 22 Oct 2006

I use PS, but think you can do the same in PP8

Create your elipse, then open up a new Doc making sure you have the same bit depth and resolution selected, at this point you will (I assume) be able to select either a white background or a transparent document, select Transparent.

With both the image and transparent doc's open drag the image over the new document, then save as Jpg.

  BRYNIT 20:35 22 Oct 2006

If Corel Photo-pain 8 allows, save as a CPT file this will prevent the object merging into the back ground allowing for the image to be moved or cut and pasted onto another picture when reopened.

  Eric10 21:06 22 Oct 2006

Get the free IrfanView program click here. Open your picture in it and then choose 'Save As'. Choose GIF then in the fly out box tick 'Choose transparent color during saving' then click Save. You will now be asked to click on the colour you want to be transparent and the picture will save. It is obviously best to have the area you want transparent to have a unique solid colour.

  woodchip 21:36 22 Oct 2006

This may work, But just a guess. When you have a picture open in Coral paint, check the background colour is set to none before cutting

  toxin 11:01 23 Oct 2006

Hi cuscus!

As you have Corel Paint, maybe you also have Corel Draw, if so you can eliminate the white part when you import the jpg file into a Draw document as follows;

On the top bar goto Bitmaps, scroll down to Bitmap Colour Mask, click and this brings up a dialog box, select Hide Colours from the drop down list box, click the eyedropper, place curser on the white part of image,click, go back to dialog box and click apply, the white part should then become transparent.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

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