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  Diemmess 09:08 25 Apr 2011

Using Corel Suite v 12 and XPpro this useful facility Corel Capture has behaved itself without any bother until the last three days. Now, any attempt to open "Capture" will freeze the computer and require a re-boot to do anything more. Windows Alt+PrintScreen will still work though not as handy as "capture"

Almost certainly there is a clash in software between Google Latitude (the way I have it configured), and Avast being overprotective.

Proud Grandad am I. At this moment two grandsons and three others, are doing a sponsored cycle run from John O Groats to Lands End. Elder Grandson, set me up to run Latitude and follow their ride (100 miles/day) He used his own settings and password and therein lies the trouble.

I can use it, but when first opened Windows blocks it as unsafe with the opportunity to ignore and be rewarded with a red background on the normal site bar. Occasionally during some part of trying to load Capture, Avast chips in saying it has detected something (cant remember what) and do I want to run Ciris Capture?

OK.... I have tried a good restore from Acronis and all is well until I try Corel Capture during a session with Corel Latitude again.

This is Day 4 cycling from Glasgow to Carlisle and all will be over by next Sunday, so obviously I can continue monitoring their progress and go back to normal thereafter, but if anyone has a solution I'd like to hear it?

  woodchip 09:32 25 Apr 2011

You need to Go to Control Panel, Security Settings double click on it the set Firewall to off and try again.

  Diemmess 10:18 25 Apr 2011

Thanks woodchip.

I use Zone Alarm and Avast. Just a bit nervous of turning off either, though Malwarebytes gives things a clean sheet. Which one most likely to be causing this? Windows (up to date)is quick to warn me of possible trouble, and Avast gets excited, but other apps load and behave normally.

Am probably just fussing so will use a quiet moment to "Restore" once more and then forget about Corel Capture while I am tracking the lads.

They didn't plan to arrive in Glasgow at the end of the Rangers/Celtic match! Grandson said they had a couple of "rocks" and some chips thrown at them as they crossed the road to the Travelodge where they spent the night!

  Diemmess 12:14 25 Apr 2011

More or less over, but for tweaking Avast.

Am currently monitoring the epic journey, AND using Corel Capture.

What I did was to restore a previous Acronis .tib file, which I noticed had already been configured for Google Latitude.

Once booted I stayed away from the Internet and was able to load Capture, but once on the net Avast blocked Capture declaring it had been "put in the Sandbox"

So I back tracked and disabled Avast. - all runs well again. My next trick if I can manage it, is to make Avast accept Corel Capture. There must be little risk at present when I'm not browsing and only have tthe Google Latitude and PCA's for the present

  Diemmess 12:18 25 Apr 2011

Would green tick this if I could be told HOW!

  Woolwell 12:40 25 Apr 2011

To tick resolved - look for a reply post and on the right under likes you should see a grey tick. Click on it and it should turn green = resolved.

  woodchip 13:36 25 Apr 2011

On the right is a Gray tick click it and it turns Green

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