A Corel 12 config problem--- I think?

  Diemmess 10:35 25 Mar 2008

Having recently revamped everything (XP and all) Corel Photopaint and Draw are working as they should but.......

On opening either application, there is an intrusive new window which pops up and insists on looking for updates.
One is for Embroidery Effect and the other is a plug for X4. I can close this window but only after it has looked for and found what I do not want!!

How do I stop this update notice appearing?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The help section of this window offers two ways of getting rid of this.~~~~~~~~~~~

"Stop notices for one product update level

Click Settings. The Your Update Settings screen is displayed.
Select a product update level you wish to stop receiving update notices for.
Click Manually in the scheduling options.
Click Apply to silence all update notices for that update level.

Stop notices for all products
Click the Stop automatic update checking for all products checkbox."

Clear enough, except that there is nothing to tick unless I wish to download, and no way that I can find to prevent this intrusion.

  Forum Member2 13:29 25 Mar 2008

contact them

  Diemmess 15:42 26 Mar 2008

I eventually did the obvious... very thoroughly!

Tried "repair" no change.
Tried "uninstall" followed by CCleaner, and a reboot for good measure.

Reinstalled (Custom) selecting only those parts I wanted, as before.
Then somewhere along towards the end, unchecked a small box which had a legend about telling me of updates.
That has a default tick, removed.
Peace and tranquility at last!

Forum Member2 - Not practicable!
Corel are as hard nosed as possible these days and offer a priority service at roughly $25 per question and no other alternatives

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