Core 2 Duo standard settings

  Esc4p3 11:28 27 Feb 2009

Hi, last night I had a funny 5 minutes and decided to look at overclocking my processor. I have an MSI P965 Neo2 motherboard and the Intel E6600 and 2gb DDR2 ram. The mobo came with a software utility called Core (Core Cell I think, not in front of my PC) which claims to 'Automatically' overclock my processor. What it does is raise the FSB and other settings to define the best overclock. So rather foolishly I clicked 'auto' and within 20 seconds my PC crashed. When the PC rebooted an alarm was going off (the alarm was part of the 'Core' application) so I hurriedly uninstalled the application, rebooted a couple of times and everything seems fine.

My question though is how do I know that my key settings are back to what they were. Can anyone post what my voltages and fsb should be set to as standard.

  Quiller. 11:42 27 Feb 2009

run cpu-z 1.5 click here a free program that will tell you what your cpu is running at.

specs click here

  Esc4p3 11:52 27 Feb 2009

I have something called PC Wizard which gives me system info and it tells me what my settings are set to now, but I am not sure what they were to start with. Your Intel link shows me some information and I am not sure which are the correct settings I will need to check, please advise.

Thanks, Carl

  MAJ 13:02 27 Feb 2009

The FSB should be set to 266, the multiplier will probably be locked, but it should read 9. The Voltages will probably be set to Auto.

  Esc4p3 13:17 27 Feb 2009

Thanks MAJ. I will check your info against my PC later.

  Esc4p3 19:56 27 Feb 2009

My FSB has been altered to 285
My CPU Vcore is 1.368
DRam Voltage 1.90

I will alter the FSB back to 266, but can anyone tell me if the others are correct/incorrect? Thanks

  MAJ 20:20 27 Feb 2009

Set the voltages to Auto, Esc4p3.

  retep888 02:04 28 Feb 2009

with these settings,then you've successfully overclocked it to 2.56GHZ from default 2.4GHZ

285x9=2565 MHZ

266x9=2394 MHZ(2.4GHZ) Default

  Esc4p3 20:04 28 Feb 2009

It was running OK and yes cpu-z did say I was running at 2565 mhz - phew my first overclock! But I still changed it back to default as I would prefer to do things in a more controlled way than using the 'core cell' software. It was an interesting experience :) and I think I will do a bit more research and start again.

Thanks for all your help. Carl

  retep888 02:45 01 Mar 2009

The experience you've encountered was quite common when overclocking,sometimes you might have BSOD(blue screen of death)and won't boot at all.

Ironically,the "core cell" software is safer and in a more controlled way of overclocking although the maximum is normally 20% while doing manually
may get you 30-40% or more.

Please note cooling and power supply both play a very important part in overclocking.

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