Cordless wireless mice batteries (sort of survey)

  mooly 11:56 25 Mar 2009

How long do your batteries last... and what are you using.
Used a few wireless mice in the past, battery life varied from as little as 3 or 4 days on some to around 4 or 5 weeks on my present one.
A top of the range "Argos Value" one at £7.00 or less. The best I have ever used... switches on by just moving it, it's never thrown a wobbler needing to reconnect etc. Brilliant. And it gets hammered, several hours a day use.

  Taff™ 12:09 25 Mar 2009

I have a Trust MI-7600 Wireless Laser Mouse which uses one AA battery and lasts for months and I use it 4-5 hours a day. Cost about £17.

I also have a Genius Mouse/keyboard set that sadly is not in production any more that lasts at least 6 weeks on rechargeables. (It also has a recharging unit in the transceiver)

  mooly 12:18 25 Mar 2009

Good to know about the Trust one. Make a note of that.
The biggest problem for me is I wear the scroll wheels out, they go intermitant.

  I am Spartacus 13:20 25 Mar 2009

My Microsoft Optical Mouse 2.0 batteries (usually Duracells) seem to last around 6 months with regular daily usage. I also seem to wear out scroll wheels after a couple of years, they get 'notchy'.

  rawprawn 13:56 25 Mar 2009

Like I am Spartacus, but with rechargeable batteries which last about 6 months.

  mooly 14:15 25 Mar 2009

I think that's amazing... I had a Trust Bluetooth mouse quite a while back that used two AAA cells and they lasted around 4 days, with less use than I do now. An Argos "Mikomi" own brand where the batteries lasted only 5 or 6 days and another Trust optical mouse (not bluetooth) that again lasted under a week. Different model to the one Taff mentions.
The one I have now (Argos own brand value one) is by far and away the best at around 5 weeks with rechargeables, even longer with Duracells.

  palinka 14:30 25 Mar 2009

I gave up on cordless mice - can't remember how long batteries lasted (certainly several weeks) but there was always the need to have spare batteries available just in case.
Battery life may also be affected by how old the battery is when purchased.

  nam_rahs 19:49 25 Mar 2009

I have a HP wireless optical mouse that came with my new PC 18months ago. Batteries last on average 3-4 weeks(Duracell) I have recently started to remove the batteries when shutting down the PC, although this helps it's a nuisance.
I have recently discovered that after a while a green deposit forms on the mouse battery terminals. If I don't remove this deposit the mouse stops working altogether. After cleaning this off with fine wet and dry paper the batteries appear last a bit longer. Incidently, the keyboard still has the original batteries.

  Kevscar1 19:55 25 Mar 2009

It really depends what you use them for. I play a lot of FPS so they usually only last 4 - 5 days. if I didn't they would probably last 4 - 5 weeks

  mooly 07:18 26 Mar 2009

The deposit on battery terminals is a common problem. Put a little WD40 on a cotton bud and clean them and also do this to the new battery terminals.
Tha Argos mouse I mentioned actually keeps the "red sensor LED" underneath illuminated 24 hours a day ready to detect any movement and wake the mouse. When I saw that I thought the batteries will only last 5 mins but no, it's weeks, and that's with heavy use.

  mooly 07:20 26 Mar 2009

FPS... had to google that one... lol
Sounds like your going to be wearing the mouse out at that rate.

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