cordless phone batteries which is best type?

  Autoschediastic 11:46 14 Sep 2011

hiya everyone, i bought "4 AAA 1000MhA" Duracell rechargeable batteries five months ago, Thinking they was one of the market leader i thought they would last for at least two years, How very wrong was i...some five months later they have failed terribly in fact after the first week they started to struggle charging, my only asumption would be that they was not built to be used in such a way as pick up/put down multiple times a day?

So here i am in the same situation where i am in need of new batteries, Can anyone help me please? is there a AAA battery that use for Cordless phones??

Many thanks

  Woolwell 11:55 14 Sep 2011

What make phone? My Panasonic phone came with Panasonic AAA rechargeable batteries (it recharges through its base station) and I've never replaced them.

  robin_x 12:17 14 Sep 2011

2 x 350mAh NiMh AAA (Poundshop) recently put in 2 handsets each.

I don't Yak enough to test them fully. But her indoors complained they were no good in the kitchen.

So I put the 4 yr old knackered ones back in.

The original Binatones were 700mAh.

I would have thought 1000mAh would be ample.

Are you sure they are definiely the correct type AND rechargeable. ie don't mix up NiCd/NiMh/Li-ion

  Autoschediastic 13:31 14 Sep 2011

Hi guys thanks for the replies!

Yeah the phones are Philips CD235 See Here They are three years old but never been abused or damaged, the batteries that came with them i think was just 450MhA so i would of thought the 1000Mha ones would of been much better..??

  BT 17:02 14 Sep 2011

The only problem you will normally have is if you have used NiCad instead of NiMh or vice versa as the charging characteristics are different. I have replaced batteries with higher rated ones and had no problem.

I usually leave mine off the base station occasionally until the batteries run right down, as especially with NiCad you can get the 'memory effect', and even though it isn't supposed to it can sometimes happen with NiMh ones.

The phone starts to beep quietly before the batteries are completely flat so that it reminds me to put it back on the charger.

  onionskin 21:06 14 Sep 2011

Have you tried charging them up in an external charger?

  onionskin 21:20 14 Sep 2011

I've got Uniross 700mAh in mine - if I let them go flat, the phone doesn't recharge them. When that happens, I have to recharge them using an external charger, then they work fine and the phone charger keeps them topped up.

  Aitchbee 21:26 14 Sep 2011

A simple voltmeter/ammeter is also handy for testing voltages of batteries.

  onionskin 21:50 14 Sep 2011

Now you tell me.

Mine went flat when I turned the electric off while we were away. When we got back and I turned everything on again, the remote handset was dead. After buying 2 new batteries, I stuck them in the phone thinking it would charge them up. It didn't. They needed to be charged in an external charger, and that's all that was wrong with the original batteries.

I now remove the batteries when the electric is turned off, otherwise the remote handset keeps trying to contact the base-station until the batteries go flat.

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