Cordless Mouse moves slowly when right clicking

  Stuart Leyland 12:02 04 Sep 2004

Hello everyone :-)

The title says it all really! I have a Logitech Cordless MouseMan which I've had since December 2002. Up until recently, I've never had a problem with the mouse but all of a sudden, whenever I right click files in Windows Explorer, the cursor moves a lot slow than usual, as if the computer is struggling to do something. What I find strange is that I never had this problem on a 700MHz computer and didn't have it for a while on this Athlon XP 2400. I put it down to having too much stuff on the computer so when I formatted earlier this week, imagine my suprise when the problem returned!

I've downloaded the latest MouseWare version from Logitech's website but that hasn't cured the problem. I've replaced the batteries with new ones (straight from the packet so I know they haven't been used). I've even used several pieces of paper as a mousemat in case my desk was dirty and causing the problem (I haven't used a mousemat since having this mouse). I've also cleaned every where that I can reach with a cotton bud.

I really am stuck now. Hopefully someone will be able to offer some advice.

Thanking you very much.

  TOPCAT® 14:16 04 Sep 2004

All I can suggest is you read the following from Microsoft re your problem. I've read elsewhere that resetting both mouse and receiver can help too. This action should be in your user's manual if you still have it. Hope this is useful. TC.

click here

  TOPCAT® 14:30 04 Sep 2004

Just noticed the link is somewhat ancient and refers to early Windows OSes! Try a Google search on your exact model and check the forum links. TC.

  Stuart Leyland 16:18 04 Sep 2004

Cheers Topcat. Spent quite some time searching early on today before posting. Will have to look again later. Like the link though :-) Released 19/3/91 :-D 33 bytes - fantastic!

I'll leave this thread open in case anyone else has experienced a similar problem.

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