Cordless Mouse & Keyboard - Are they any good ?

  Dean L 20:57 23 Mar 2003

Im thinking of buying a cordless mouse and keyboard, does anyone reccommed them as a good buy or are they quite unreliable

The reason i would get the is so i could sit away from my desk (On my bed like a lazy git) and still use the PC. All im worried about is whether they are prone to missing keys pressed or have short battery lifes

Also, would they work from about 1 - 2m away from the infra-red receiver

  midase 21:05 23 Mar 2003

I haven't used them but I was put off from buying because I understand that because of the range of transmission it is possible for key strokes to be logged. This leaves the question of security wide open. Hope that this is wrong

  PhiltheFragger 21:10 23 Mar 2003

The range of these items is short About 5 metres
therefore I dont feel that the key logging is an issue.for normal home use anyway.

They do use batteries up but thats the price you pay for the convenience of a clear desk.

Remember a clear desk is a sign of a sick mind

Just joking

up to you

  powerless 21:16 23 Mar 2003

I have this click here

Very easy to use and good on the wrist and fingers. The keyboard has a secure feature that "Secures the keyboard" you do this firstly when you install the software. The keyboard has a range of about 4 metres.
It also has a few extra buttons that can be set to open files, programs extra by just the one press.

The mouse has a range of about 4 Metres. It has a "Thumb" Button, which comes in handy.

Battery life for the mouse is about 3 days but the computer is used throughout the day - best to get some recargeable batterys.

The keyboard is still using the supplied batterys since November.

  Kryten 21:17 23 Mar 2003

I've had these about 6 months (USB type). The keyboard batteries have never been changed, but the mouse are changed about once a month. I get a flashing scroll light on the transmitter when they are about to pack up. Apart from that I have had no problems.

  Djohn 21:24 23 Mar 2003

I have one of the rodents from Dabs, cordless and infrared. A4Tech, well pleased with it, and I have been using it for an average of 10 hours a day for four weeks.

The batteries are rechargeable and as they run low you just plug the mouse into the supplied usb cable and carry on using it as it re-charges, excellent. J.

  Djohn 21:32 23 Mar 2003

click here and in the first box,top left of page, called "Quick Links" type the code 23S4WS and it will take you straight to the mouse. J.

  cjc42 21:55 23 Mar 2003

I've had a Logitech "Cordless desk top" for about 3 years. It's a serial device. £30-ish from PC world.
It has about a 5 metre range, I can't remember changing the Keyboard battery, the mouse battery lasts something like 3 months, system is used sporadically through a 15 hour day, sorry I can't be more specific.

  midase 22:32 23 Mar 2003

5 Metres is a good distance, some 16 feet so it is quite feasable for say your next door neighbour to log key strokes. The warning as I remember came through Panda Antivirus.

  Migwell 23:48 23 Mar 2003

If the key board and mouse are infa red control surley they must be line of sight, as with TV remotes? If that is the case how can someone in the next house pickup what you are doing

  Djohn 23:57 23 Mar 2003

You are correct, but some work on radio waves, in fact I think that must be what mine is, because the receiver is out of site, and the mouse and receiver both have the option to select different Chanel's. J.

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