Cordless Keyboards with Mouse plus McAfee

  haricot 14:43 01 Sep 2007

I am trying my luck again seeing as you are so generous with advice which is so much appreciated.

I would like if possible views based on experience if poss: of what is regarded as the best Cordless Desktop Keyboard with Mouse (basic ones please I ain't into ergonomics!)

Second , Has anyone got any advice on the merits and advantages or DISADVANTAGES of the McAfee Antivurus 8 Bundle.

All contributions would be most welcome .

Thanks in advance

  mymate 19:48 01 Sep 2007

DISADVANTAGES of the McAfee Anti virus 8 Bundle ..... Its a computer "hog"
I am waiting for my cordless keyboard and mouse so cant give you a opinion on it .

  haricot 08:30 02 Sep 2007

Ta mymate.....

but can you give me a tad more on that.

Or as they say in France "pouvez -vous expliquer"


  mymate 10:27 02 Sep 2007

soyabean I just found that when i had McAfee on my computer the program slowed the computer right down.I uninstalled and now use Avast and Sygate firewall.My friend had McAfee through Aol and he uninstalled it as well and now his computer is so much faster. The reviews of it say it is good,but i wouldnt use it again.

click here
This is the Cordless keyboard and mouse i am waiting to be delivered, it was £16.99 when i ordered it .

  haricot 10:58 02 Sep 2007

Thanks mymate and you are a mate too.

Thanks for that info I appreciate it.

I had the same probs with Norton .ie when I uninstalled it speeded things up no end.

One more question then. What prompted you to go for the Logitech EX 110. Was it anything in particular. It certainly looks OK from the spec: but I did'nt know if you had any inside info.


  mymate 18:45 02 Sep 2007

soyabean I see it on here click here

And they all said it was good so i ordered it.Its now been posted so should get it this week.

  mymate 18:49 02 Sep 2007

Ken 2206 put this one on Hotdeals click here
Another keyboard and mouse

  nam_rahs 19:11 02 Sep 2007


I have a cordless keyboard and optical mouse with my HP PC. Whilst battery life on the keyboard is OK, it gets through batteries at a pretty fast rate on the mouse. In fact I'm pretty sure that Forum members have complained about this in the past.
I have no complaints whatsoever about the function of these items.

  haricot 19:44 02 Sep 2007

Thanks again mymate. Just the job, I appreciate it.

Thanks to nam-rahs too.

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