Cordless Keyboard & Mouse

  dizzy1111 17:31 20 Dec 2005

I just got my new MEsh PC since I purchased it 8th Nov the keyboard and mouse will not work I have sent them back to Mesh twice now, and they returned as ok, im running windows XP Pro my old Packard Bell cordless mouse works ok thats how im on here now, this PC has a thing called ATI on it would that anything to do with the problem any advice will be most welcome

  PaulB2005 17:35 20 Dec 2005

Have you "Connected" the keyboard and mouse? There is a sequence that involves pressing buttons on the receiver and the keyboard and mouse to get them to talk to each other. Check the manuals.

Also is the receiver in a position near the keyboard and mouse? Have found them on the floor and on top of monitors before which explain "non-working" cordless mice.

  dizzy1111 18:12 20 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply Paul but yes I have pressed all the buttons and still nothing and yes its been in line also the old Packard Bell cordless mouse in behind the PC and still works fine anything else Im missing or could it be that Logitech just does not gell with this PC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 20 Dec 2005

You should have a "HID" device plugged into a USB port (check in device manager it is working ok)

To set the keyboard / mouse to the HID device there will be a button on the device and another on both the mouse and keyboard.

  paddy75 18:45 20 Dec 2005

dizzy1111,i had a problem trying to get my keyboard and mouse to work but solved the problem with this.

jbp1982,this is the response i got from Logitech and it worked.(Thank you for contacting Logitech's Electronic Technical Support.

I understand that you do not have the My Keyboard tab in the SetPoint software.

The issue you are experiencing is most likely due to improper detection of the keyboard on your system.

If you are using a PS/2 connection then use the USB connection to connect the receiver to the computer. If you are using a USB connection then use a PS/2 connection. For Cordless Desktops with a USB and PS/2 connections, the proper connection procedure is to use the two PS/2 connections, OR the single USB connection.

PS/2 Port Connection: Both connections have to be made to their proper PS/2 port.
USB Port Connection: One USB connection will control both devices. The extra PS/2 plug should not be connected.

Please ensure that you have connected the Cordless Desktop to the computer directly not via any pass-through devices. Examples of a pass-through device are switch boxes, extension cables, KVM (Keyboard Video and mouse combination) switches, port replicators, third party port adapters or converters and y-adapters.

If the issue persists, please follow the steps given below to ensure that the keyboard is getting detected properly on your system.

1. Remove the Logitech software.

a. Open the Windows Control Panel.
b. Open the Add / Remove Programs Window.
c. Locate the listing for Logitech SetPoint and remove it.
d. Delete the folder (if present)

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Logitech\SetPoint

2. Uninstall the device from the Device Manager.

a. Click "Start," "Settings," then "Control Panel".
b. Double click on the "System" icon.
c. Click on the Hardware tab, then the Device Manger button.
d. Right click on the entry for the Logitech keyboard and click on uninstall.
e. Restart your system.

3. Prepare the system for Logitech software installation.

a. Download the latest version of software for your device from the following URL:

click here

b. Please perform a clean boot on your system. When you boot clean, you can temporarily eliminate unnecessary programs from running in memory. This can isolate a software conflict that may cause problems with the functioning of your Logitech product. We have outlined the process for your convenience at the following URL:

click here;en-us;310353

4. Please ensure that you have disabled any firewall or anti-virus software on your computer.

5. Install the Logitech software:

a. Double-Click the icon for the SetPoint 2.14 download file.
b. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

6. Return Windows to its normal state

a. Please restart your system.
b. You can now enable the firewall or anti-virus software.

Should the above solution fail to resolve the issue, please do not hesitate to write back to me.

If you have any additional questions regarding your product, please feel free to visit our website at click here

Kind Regards,

Maryjiji John
Logitech Europe SA
European Customer Support

jbp1982,the funny thing is the software will only install what it detects ie k,board or mouse
i tried it on 2 other computers whith their own k,boards and mice and it woudl'nt install at all,thats what baffled me and probley you as well,anyway hope this helps.Paddy

  dizzy1111 15:13 23 Dec 2005

Well what a surprise I got the Keyboard & Mouse to work it was easy really all you have to do is get the PC running using your old Keyboard & mouse then plug in your new Keyboard & Mouse widows will say new hardware found it will download the relivent software automaticaly then remove the old Keyboard & mouse leaving the new stuff ready for the connecting sequance then it should all work ok "god bless Logitech"

  bsedito 18:36 13 Aug 2007

I saw many people had this problem when installing the 4.0 version of setpoint.. so I spent several hours playing around with the registry, system files, etc, to find that did nothing.. BUT I finally found the very stupid and very easy solution to this minor (must be) software flaw in 4.0

The mouse included with my Logitech DiNovo Cordless Desktop mice/keyboard combo decided to cease working, so rather than calling support, I did the next best thing, and dropped $200 on the DiNovo EDGE keyboard. Kudos to logitech on the EDGE, this is the best keyboard/peripheral I have ever owned.

Anyway, heres the background. Apparently SetPoint buries itself everywhere in your computer like a rabbit in heat, to the point where logitech needs to publish a "guide to do a clean install of setpoint" ..before you follow the below instructions, make sure you do that, even if you installed some sort of logitech setpoint years ago, chances are its still there lurking somewhere.

Finished uninstalling everything setpoint from your computer? Good. Now brace yourself for this stupid fix that places the "my keyboard" and/or "my mouse" tab(s) back into setpoint

This problem is caused by, at least from my observations, conflicting drivers between what the keyboard itself installs and what setpoint thinks it has. Thanks again, Logitech and microsoft. Here's the fix:

Save these steps in Word or Notepad and restart your computer. After it reboots, right click "my computer" and open up the "device manager"

Find the 'keyboards' tab in the device manager tree. (Or mice if it's the mouse tab missing, or both if both tabs are missing, and do the same with each step, depending on your situation)

Right click 'logitech HID keyboard' and choose 'properties' ..(it may be something different but it looks like that, and HAS to say logitech.. if it doesnt email me and i can send you the fix for that stupid problem as well)

select 'update driver' (make sure it can check the internet for drivers as well.. and make sure you choose the 'automatically' option

Let it search until its done.. be patient here.. took about 5 minutes for it to finish for me at least

there is no step 6, thats it, done, voila, like that.

My windows vista home edition premium told me I had to restart, I didnt even do that (i'm impatient).. the keyboard tab is now in setpoint and whoohoo I can finally customize the keys on my 200 dollar keyboard, and pay 5 times as much for hair transplant surgery after spending hours trying to fix this.

For those interested in what my system configuration is (I don't believe it really matters) here it is:

-IBM (Lenovo) ThinkPad T43 w/ biometrics coprocessor (fingerprint reader)
-Windows Vista Home Premium
- 1.5 GB of physical RAM
- 1.25 Terabits of HDD storage (yeah, excessive, I know) in 3 external drives and internal
- 12 USB ports, all used up (3 powered usb 2.0 hubs)
- External monitors
- Logitech's music system has been isntalled on it
- Logitech xbox 360 media center remotes has been installed

...on just a laptop, and it runs faster than my Intel Core 2 Duo desktop. how about that. I put that up just so people can get an idea of how many drivers and processes I have running on my system, and the fix still works

NOTE: Regardless if the fix works or not, post it! I am eager to find out if it worked, I want to help everyone out by sharing my experience, thanks, and good luck!

  woodchip 18:53 13 Aug 2007

Do not plug a PS/2 mouse or Keyboard in while Computer is running. You will blow the Motherboard

  €dstowe 18:57 13 Aug 2007

This the Antiques Road Show?

Look at the starting date.

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