Coral Draw 8 ?

  Ikelos 16:20 25 Oct 2007

Hi, I have just got Coral Draw 8, all in an unopened box, there are 3 CD.s and a pile of books, I have installed it it on the laptop, from CD1, the other two CD's are "clipart" and the other CD is "objects and images and so on, do they get installed, or do you put the CD in when you want something off it, mind you it all looks a bit hard to understand, but it was a bargain, it was a case of, "did not realy want it but it was cheap"


  ventanas 16:24 25 Oct 2007

It's up to you. You can either copy the content to your hard drive for ease of access, or leave them where they are. You will need the discs though, when you want one of the files. Really it depends on how much space you have. Personally, although having gone through four versions of CorelDraw, I have never used one of the extra discs.

  Ikelos 16:28 25 Oct 2007

thank you for that, I will use them when i want them, and thanks for the quick reply.

  Diemmess 16:46 25 Oct 2007

If you are a newcomer to Corel Draw or Photopaint the manuals really will be of great help.
So much easier than wandering through page after page on the monitor.

Agree with ventanas about rare visits to fonts and clipart.
Fine if you are desperate, the fonts are there for the very rare occasion when you might want something really different.

I'm not sure if v.8 includes a Corel Capture, in my view this is worth installing for snapshots of all or part of what is showing on the monitor.

I certainly wouldn't bother with Corel Trace.
It has so many variables and a poor result after all the effort.
Corel Show is not something I've tried or missed!

  Ikelos 17:06 25 Oct 2007

I am very new to coral draw, only got it Sunday, all the CD's were still sealed and the box unopened, the guy wanted £3 i offered him £2 and the deal was done.....

I guess like most things, it looks like a lot of reading will have to be done.

  Diemmess 08:00 26 Oct 2007

Have had a series of CorelDrw as it used to call itself since version 3.
The Draw part of it was what attracted me and has kept me happy.
It is a vector drawing program similar to (I believe) to Adobe Illustrator.

Frankly, v.8 is good, but not all that subtle or ready to mix with other applications.
If you want to do fancy posters fine,or basic plans of various things, or flow diagrams it is good, but has heavyweight rivals Autocad and of course Illustrator.

Photopaint is a picture editing program. At version 8 it is ok if you have nothing else but not a patch on v.10 or Photoshop CS.

Worth installing and trying, I just hope it works for you.
I think v. 8 may preceed the first Pentium systems.

  ventanas 10:57 26 Oct 2007

For some more info click here

I think it would have come out about 1999/2000 and will run on XP without problem although not mentioned in the link.

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