copytng my cd,s

  picklsey 19:03 16 Nov 2005

when i try to copy my cd,s (my own for backups)it goes to about 60% then stops copying tried with nero 6 and using xp,s own still the same.xp home.any ideas please.

  picklsey 19:05 16 Nov 2005

for copyting read copying sorry

  Kenneth-266656 19:19 16 Nov 2005

How does the buffer reading look in Nero. If you are burning at around the top speed try dropping down a bit. Also are you using reliable quality CD-R's.

  picklsey 19:25 16 Nov 2005

thanks for response tryed diffrent cds also dropped to lowest speed any other sugestions also reinstaled a few times thanks again

  Kenneth-266656 19:34 16 Nov 2005

Sorry I looked at the words 'for back-up'. I take it you are tring to copy commercial music CD's. If so you are probably running foul of the copyright protection system they all have these days.

  picklsey 19:42 16 Nov 2005

these r old cds which i had back ups before moved house lost them just tryin to recopy for back ups thanks again

  picklsey 03:22 17 Nov 2005


  ACOLYTE 11:16 17 Nov 2005

Are you copying on the fly,or ripping the music off first?,try the latter it may work better.

  picklsey 15:27 17 Nov 2005

thanks all got it with using nero clean tool then reinstalled.thanks for help.

  Ivor_Monkey 20:49 17 Nov 2005

I hope these help:

Make sure you have closed down as many other applications as posisble.

Reduce the copying speed. Try 2 times and increase each time you are successful at that speed.

Are you sure that the media (cds) have worked on your machine previously. If not, try another make of cd

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