Copyrighted cd's

  ynohtna 11:58 11 Sep 2006


Im building up my Itunes list by importing my cd collection (all originals) however some have a copyright thing that means i cant copy/burn them (fair enough) or import them to itunes, they just start playing away in their own media player. Seeing as ive paid for the cd and i dont wish to copy it for illegal distribution or anything, just to change the format so i can listen to it via an alternative means is there any way to get round it to import it to itunes of do i need to download it and pay for it again..?
also, im thinking about buying an external HDD to back up my stuff on my laptop(Itunes/nero/norton/mp3/wav/pictures/word docs etc..) do they come with complete instructions about how to do it....?

  ArrGee 12:13 11 Sep 2006

Try using Windows Media Player and 'Rip' the tracks.

  ynohtna 12:25 11 Sep 2006

Should have wrtittn 'rip' instead of burn... doesnt work!

  Strawballs 12:28 11 Sep 2006

I assume when it comes up copy right you click no because if you click yes it will omly let you play it on media player and not transfer to anything else.

  ynohtna 12:40 11 Sep 2006

Doesnt let you do anything, it just starts playing itself and soon as you put the cd in. all my other cd's have been fine (ive transferred almost 200 albums), there's just a couple that do this... joss stone being one...! grrr!

  ArrGee 12:45 11 Sep 2006

Try CloneCD
click here

  ynohtna 12:47 11 Sep 2006

Thanks ArrGee, will give it a try.... hmmm, security wont let me... gives me a 'spyware suspected message'. no drama, will have a play!

  ArrGee 12:49 11 Sep 2006

To stop the CD playing as soon as you insert it, press the Shift key while inserting.

Also try using AudioGrabber
click here

  Kate B 13:46 11 Sep 2006

I've used Roxio to extract and rip files from CDs that try and insist you can only use their player.

  rawprawn 16:28 11 Sep 2006

Try this using Windows Nedia Player 11 Beta 2
click here click continue and then download it, but also scroll down the page to
"Windows Media Components for Quicktime" anfollow that for a download.
I hope this helps.

  Kate B 00:06 12 Sep 2006

Remember that WMP defaults to the WMA format - make sure you change it if you want something else. I'm not sure that you can rip to AAC (the default iTunes format) in WMP, though I could be wrong.

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