copy/paste spam mail message ? safe to do?

  p;3 07:22 13 Jun 2005

I want to copy and paste a mail into a new document on my pc to be able to show the forum the message I receive from a returned mail;as I am not actually replying to the mail I presume that doing this is safe? as I will not be downloading the mail as such; I am trying to show what the AVG message is that I get when a mail is bounced( I have another thread running on this and wish to add a reply to it , but need to be certain that copying and pasting the message is safe);
I will not b replying to the mail but wish to be able to show the forum the message I receive :)

  Andsome 08:33 13 Jun 2005

In all honesty I cannot see any problem in doing this, as it is only words. You are not posting any links.

  VoG II 08:50 13 Jun 2005

Just be aware that any e-mail addresses will turn into links on this site.

  wiz-king 19:35 13 Jun 2005

just change your email address when you paste it to myaccout @xxx

  p;3 19:40 13 Jun 2005

joke!! am still waiting (!!) to get a spam mail to do my test with ; had several a day ago but now....
when I get one I can then put it on my other thread..if my test works

now folks, dont all spam me:)))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:44 13 Jun 2005



  p;3 19:50 13 Jun 2005

se this of mine click here

to coin a phrase "am still working on it":)

  961 19:52 13 Jun 2005


  961 19:53 13 Jun 2005


  961 19:55 13 Jun 2005

The reason for the two posts is that I have just been informed by the PCAdvisor server that I have been chosen to be a "deadlock victim"

Pick the bones out of that

Never mind, England trouncing the Aussies I see

  p;3 20:01 13 Jun 2005

am sure more spam will come my way so will copy it to my other thread if my AVG test does what it did before:)

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